Merge your stuff when you move intogether

How to Move in Together and Keep Your Style

You have moved on from the living in an apartment on your own, and now you’re ready to live with your partner. It’s exciting, and most importantly you get to spend even more time together (which should be a good thing)! If you’re remotely like me, you assume that it will work itself out once you move in. Come moving day, you drop the last box on the floor, exhausted and then you realize that somehow all of your stuff is going to have to mix with his/her stuff? Then you realize that you moved a ton of duplicate items, your partner is putting furniture in places that you wouldn’t, and now the whole process just seems stressful. You then sit on the floor and say to yourself,”How did that even happen?!”

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The Best Towns to Buy Antiques

Antiques are the perfect way to decorate your home with items that are truly unique, regardless of what your personal style might be. When you look in the right places, you can even score a bargain.

Who doesn’t love going on an antique adventure? The United States has so much history and artifacts that represent that time, so it’s always a treat to find a hidden treasure to add to the collection. What’s interesting is that every state seems to have its own unique collection of artifacts, so why stop at your state!

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An Inside View of the Voice Behind Zippy Shell, Meet Arnetia Curtis.

Interview by Claire O’Connell

“Sometimes it’s hard to know that we’re good at something, until we actually try it.”

This saying goes especially well for the Head of Customer Service, Arnetia Curtis. It’s hard to believe that the first point of contact for our customers would have once considered herself a shy person. After landing her first job in sales, she slowly began to realize that it was surprisingly easy to talk and even relate to the customers she was helping. Arnetia has worked at Zippy Shell for 3 years and continues to grow in her role at the company.

Let’s take a closer look at what Arnetia is up to these days….

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