Moving with Toddlers

The Best Way to Move with Toddlers

Don’t get me wrong, I love toddlers, but sometimes it’s impossible to be productive when they want your undivided attention. Getting ready for a move can be one of the most chaotic periods in your life – even without a toddler! What do you do when they want a toy or are upset because they’re confused with all of the noise and change happening around them? To help you get moving, I’ve compiled a few tips to help you prepare for the move, all while caring for your little one.

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How to throw the ultimate Outdoor Party

How to Throw the Ultimate Backyard Bash

We’ve had quite the weather so far this year, but at least the rain is pouring out now before the big festive weekend, you know….fourth of July weekend! I’ve been to quite a few fourth of July parties in my day, and the best parties are the ones that have a great mix of people, noteworthy food and most importantly, a comfortable environment.

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The Best Destinations to Visit When Moving Across Country

It’s official, you’re making the big switch, and you’re moving out west! You’re trading in your office view of marble pillars and politicians in suits, for palm trees and techies in flip-flops. While you’ll certainly miss the one-of-a-kind charm of the east coast, you’ll be looking forward to what awaits you across the country.

Since moving can be strenuous on your emotions, especially on larger families, it’s often not even a consideration to take the 3000+ mile move to take it slow and enjoy the ride. There are truly amazing destinations to visit along the way and well, what better time to visit them, make memories, and have a little fun than during your cross country move?

To help you decide where to go, I’ve put together a list of a few of my favorite destinations to entice your traveler spirit. Let’s hit the road!

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Top 5 Mistakes that Decrease the Value of your Home

Not everything you do to your home will increase its value. Home additions, skipping out on maintenance, or even painting the walls an unpopular color can make your home’s value tank. Clearly, no house is going to be perfect and have a magic value that continually increases regardless of anything you do in your home. If that were true, I wouldn’t even be writing this article right now. Continue reading