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10 Actions to take before moving to your summer vacation home

If you are planning on moving to your summer vacation home for the summer, or even just for a month during the summer, you need to follow a few procedures before you depart.

1. Pay your bills

Pay all your bills that are due before and during your vacation so you don’t miss any payments while you are away.

2. Put your mail on hold

This is important to do so you don’t have mail piling up at your house with no one there to pick it up and keep it safe.  If you are comfortable, you can also ask a friend or neighbor to pick it up.

3. Empty out your trash and refrigerator

The last thing you want to come home to is a stinky and moldy house.  Take out the trash and make sure you clean and wipe down your fridge so no mold will grow in the time you are gone.

4. Arrange for a gardener

If you have a lawn and/or plants outside or inside, you will want to have someone take care of them.  Set up a person to cut your grass and water your plants so when you come home your plants will be healthy and tamed.

5. Plan a pet sitter or a kennel stay

If you have a pet and cannot bring them on your trip, make sure someone will be available to look after them or bring them to the kennel.

6. Do your laundry

Wash all your clothes and sheets before you leave so you can come back to fresh linens and no grimy clothes.

7. Run the dishwasher

Clean off all your dishes before you go to prevent them from staining and growing mold.  Avoid doing dishes the morning of your departure by having a protein bar for breakfast.

8. Unplug all power chords

Even if your item is turned off, it still draws power out of the electrical socket.  Unplug everything in your house to save energy and money.  Make sure to turn the lights off on your way out.

9. Set your thermostat

Save money and energy by setting your thermostat in the upper 70’s for your summer vacation.

10. Lock your doors

It may seem like the most obvious action to take but you’d be surprised how many people forget to lock their doors.  Don’t forget to close your garage too!

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