10 of the Very Best Holiday Decorating Hacks

The time for holiday decorating is here! While decorating comes easily for some people, it might be more of a struggle for you. Not to worry, we are here to help you turn your home into the winter wonderland of your dreams!


1) Finish up the Tree:

Does your Christmas tree have a lot of holes and doesn’t look very full? Make a scrawny tree look fuller by wrapping artificial or real pine garland around the tree. The garland will blend seamlessly into the branches. Then just decorate your tree how you normally would. You’ll be surprised at how much better the tree looks when you are finished!

2) Recycle:

When you are putting up your Christmas tree, save any low hanging and damaged branches you have to cut off. These leftover tree trimmings can be used to make other Christmas decorations for your home. You can make your own wreath or pair branches together to make a festive centerpiece!

3) Fill Them Up:

Do you have a bunch of empty jars and bowls sitting around your home? This is the time of year to fill them up with fun Christmas items like ornaments, candy canes, and ribbons for a nice holiday touch. This will only take you a few minutes to do and I bet you will love the result!

4) Fun for the whole family:

Chances are you have some plain Christmas ornaments sitting around your home. With a pinch of creativity, you can turn those ornaments into something really special. Get the whole family together to spend some time decorating! Clear glass ornaments can be filled with glitter while opaque ornaments can have glitter and other festive items glued onto them.

5) Dress it up:

Tie some festive ribbon through the hooks of Christmas ornaments and hang them right from your chandelier. This is very easy to do and adds a beautiful holiday touch to any room.

6) Where should I sit?

Did you forget to buy place card holders? You can make your own this year! All you have to do is hot glue three mini candy canes together to make a holder that looks good enough to eat. Just make sure no one actually tries to take a bite!

7) Create a Winter Wonderland:

Want to decorate your front yard on a budget? An upside down tomato cage wrapped in Christmas lights is a great way to make your own Christmas trees for the outside of your home!

8) Let There Be Light:

Don’t like how the green light string looks against your white house? Good news, you can spray paint the string so it blends in! Before you start, remove all the light bulbs from the string. Next, tape off the sockets to keep paint out. Once the string is completely dry, replace the bulbs and plug it in!

9) Variety is Good:

When decorating your Christmas tree try out different types of lights to make an impact. You can start by combining colored and white lights, strings of different sized bulbs, and even twinkling lights. There aren’t any rules to decorating a Christmas tree, so why not give it a try?

10) Don’t Worry About It:

Putting your holiday lights on a timer is the most convenient thing you can do this holiday season. You can set the timer to turn on at a certain time and then turn off automatically. You’ll never have to worry about heading out in the dark to turn everything on. There are tons of timers out there with all kinds of settings. Before you settle on one, make sure to do your research!

From all of us at Zippy Shell, Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Header Image via Unsplash.com

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