Revamp your Attic

10 Clever Ways to Revamp your Attic

What’s in your attic? Just stuff that you never use…right? Attic is a space that we often don’t utilize because it’s unfinished. Imagine if you did finish the attic and better yet, imagine if it became a room in your home. Not only would it increase the value of your home , but it could become the space that you always wanted – how cool is that!

To inspire you, I wanted to share the 10 clever ways to revamp your attic for 2015.

1. How about a cozy space for work or reading?

Revamp your Attic2. A bedroom for a teenager or even for two.

Revamp your Attic









3. The ultimate man cave

Revamp your Attic










4. A romantic bathroom

Revamp your Attic








5. A play area that lets the imagination soar.

Revamp your Attic














6. A home theater for the whole family.

Revamp your Attic











7. A home office with a view.

Revamp your Attic










8. The walk-in closet of your dreams.

Revamp your Attic









9. Craft room for the DIY type.


Revamp your attic



















10.  A home gym that is never in the way.

Revamp your AtticHow are you going to use your attic? Have any attic remodels of your own, share them with us!

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