6 Things to do as soon as you move into your new home

6 To-Dos When You Move into your New Home

Congratulations! You are finally moving into your new home, but before you start popping the champagne, you still have a few more things to do!

So why should you worry about these 6 to-dos as soon as you get into your home? Because now is the easiest time to actually accomplish them.

1) Change the Locks:
As soon as you get the keys to your new home, your first stop should be to get new locks! This ensures that the only people that you want will have access to your home.

2) Check for Home Damage and Record it:
Because this task isn’t just for renters! Make sure that everything you agreed upon in your sales agreement, is there. If the previous owners were supposed to replace the carpet, then check and make sure they did. Now is the time to make sure the house is exactly the way it should be. If not, let

3) Get Rid of Pests:
Before you start bringing in your furniture. Make sure you eradicate any pest problem. An empty home makes it easier to eliminate any unwanted houseguests.

4) Deep Clean:
Take advantage of the empty space to deep clean carpets, floors, bathrooms and the kitchen before moving day. You’ll be able to unpack your home into a fresh and clean space. It doesn’t get better than that.

5) Check Safety and Security Systems:
Put your mind at ease and take time to make sure your security and safety systems are up and running. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and reset any security passcodes to your own. It will be one less thing you have to worry about.

6) Find the Breaker Box:
Knowing where the breaker box and water shut off valves are located should be a top priority. You don’t want to wait for the first power outage to have to search in the dark to find the breaker box. Take note of where to find these important utilities.

Did you cross everything off the list? Looks like you are ready to get settled in!

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