7 Genius Ways to Reuse Excess Water

Humans love to waste things, and one of the biggest things we waste is water. We take showers for too long, we leave faucets dripping, and dump water down the drain like it’s nothing. We fail to realize that the planet doesn’t have an endless supply of water. We can and will eventually run out of water which is bad news for life as we know it.

It’s horrifying to think what that means for our planet’s survival without something so crucial to our existence, but it’s imperative that we do. So what can you do to help the worldwide effort? You can start by making your home a little greener and a little less wasteful. We aren’t talking about turning your home life completely upside, but a few changes can go a long way.

7 ways to reuse excess water in your home

1) Collect Rainwater:

One of the biggest sources of wasted water is rain! Installing a rain barrel at the end of your downspout can capture unused water that runs off your roof. Untreated, this water shouldn’t be used for human consumption or cleanliness, but it can be used to water your lawn and gardens. This will keep your summer water bill low and will cut back on the amount of water you waste. Many states have special restrictions or required permits, so make sure to check with your state first to see what your best options is.

2) Reuse Cooking Water:

Next time you strain pasta or vegetables save the water you used for cooking. This water is jam packed with nutrients and is great to water plants with. It might not seem like a cup or two of water down the drain makes a difference, but it can start to add up over time!

3) Reuse Aquarium Water:

Some aquariums can hold gallons of water, that’s a lot of water to dump out once you’ve taken it out of the tank. An aquarium has its own ecosystem inside of it, this means the water is packed with nutrients and organic matter. This matter can actually help your plants grow healthier. So next time you clean your fish tank, pour the excess water in your garden. Remember, you shouldn’t water your gardens with aquarium water more than once a week.

4) Grey Water:

Grey water, also known as bath water can also be used to water your lawn and plants. We can’t live without showers, but they end up wasting so much water. By reusing that water you can help reduce the amount of waste your family creates.

5) Re-use Dehumidifier water:

Dehumidifiers take the water from the humidity in the air and condense it back into its liquid form. Instead of just dumping this water every time you need to empty the machine. Save the water to use around your home.

6) Swimming Pools

Regular swimming pools are a huge waste of water. You should consider changing your pool to a natural swimming pool. The Pool is almost like having a pond or lake in your backyard. You plant biological filters and plants to keep the water clean. Not only does this pool require a lot less maintenance, but it will make your home greener!

7) Laundry Water:

This solution requires the most work to set up. You can install a “Laundry to Lawn” system in your home. This will take the water used during laundry and store it in a tank that you can use to water your lawn. This allows you to get more than one use out of your laundry water making your home more energy efficient.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take action into your own hands and play your part in water conservation.

Photo via: unsplash.com

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