The 8 Best Places to Visit in the Spring

It’s finally springtime! We can finally escape from hibernation and step outside to do the things that we love to do, such as revamp our gardens and soak up the sunshine.

What most of us may not think about doing, is traveling during the springtime. We’re so excited to enjoy the weather in our town; it’s hard to visualize the other amazing places that we can see during this time. If you’re ready to travel, consider traveling during the spring, where sometimes you can manage to get cheaper flights, deal with fewer people, and stay cool in mild-tempered weather. To help you figure out where to travel to next, here are eight of the best places to visit during the spring.

In the U.S.

Best places to visit in spring


New Orleans
When to visit: Feb to May
Weather: 70’s to 80’s
Big Attraction: Mardi Gras, French Quarter Festival, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

New Orleans is a special place that is unlike any other state in the United States. While you celebrate in one of their exciting festivals, there are also amazing sites to view in the state. From the historical Frenchmen Street to delicious Po-boy sandwiches. Soak up the culture, good weather and even hold an alligator at this fun destination.

Best Places to Visit in Spring

Charleston, South Carolina
When to visit: April to June
Weather: 70’s to 80’s
Big Attraction: Historical landmarks, Spoleto Festival, Home and Garden Festivals

Spring and early summer are the time to visit Charleston. There’s nothing more pleasurable than walking down the city’s cobblestone alley beside the white columned mansions. During the springtime, there are amazing flowers in full bloom. Since it’s high tourist season, aim to visit during the weekdays for fewer crowds. One of the best parts of visiting this quaint town is that you can easily walk and bike around to feel like a real local.

Best Places to Visit in the Spring

Washington, D.C. 
When to visit – March to June
Weather: Low humidity, 70’s to 80’s
Big Attraction: Cherry Blossom Festival

Besides having unlimited access to monuments and national museums that are free, there are a number of activities to get involved in during the springtime.  Head over to the Patomic river for a fun day of paddle boarding and canoes, or even just dine on some of the country’s finest restaurants overlooking the river. If you don’t feel like you’re cheating your hometown baseball team, then head over to the SE for a National’s game. The new stadium and bars nearby are always a treat to visit.

Places to Visit in the spring

When to visit: April to May
Weather: 70’s to 80’s
Big Attraction: Millennium Park, The National Art Institute

Chicago is at it’s prime in the spring and summer months. The city is surrounded by national landmarks and delicious food, that no matter what you do, it’ll be fun. If you visit during St Patrick’s Day, you’ll be able to see the green river they dye for the holiday. From shopaholics and sports enthusiasts to thrill seekers and foodies, Chicago has something for everyone.

Around the  World

Places to visit in Spring

When to visit: April to May
Weather: 70’s to 80’s
Big Attraction: Gardens and Bloom, Historical Landmarks

When you ask people about when to visit Paris, France, most will talk about spring. Spring in the City of Love is extremely popular with tourists and Parisians alike. The weather is normally fresh and sunny, and the world-renowned gardens are in bloom and thriving. Make sure to enjoy a delicious meal from the infamous Le Fumoir. 

Places to Visit in the Spring

U.S Virgin Islands
When to visit: May to June
Weather:80’s to 90’s
Big Attraction: Not peak season

Besides unlimited beaches, seafood and just paradise, U.S. Virgin Islands is a beautiful place to visit. The best part for visiting is spring is that it’s not peak season. With comfortable temperatures in the 80’s and attractions to do without the tons of people can create a vacation that you will not regret.

Places to Visit in the Spring

Cape Town

When to visit: April to May
Weather: 70’s to 80’s
Big Attraction: Whale watching, Gardens

This is the time that Cape Town bursts into bloom. Famous for its flower season,  the colorful floral is a spring attraction that is worth traveling for. Spring is the best time for whale watching. It’s also an ideal time for hiking. If you’re ready to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it’s time that you visit Cape Town.

Places to Visit in the Spring


When to visit: March to May
Weather: 70’s to 80’s
Big Attraction: Imperial Palace, cherry Blossom Festival, National Gardens, Historical Landmarks

The real question is what can’t you do in Tokyo. While this destination is considered one of the most expensive places to visit, it’s a sight to see. From plush flowers, a stand-out culture, and world-famous cuisine, you can never have a dull moment. No matter what you do, make sure to not miss the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

Can you think of any must-see destinations in the spring? If so, send over your destination ideas to Bon Voyage!

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