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Alex is the Social Media Strategist for Zippy Shell USA, and serves as the blog manager for ZippyLife. Alex writes about: Cooking, DIY Crafts, To-Do List and Lifestyle Design.

How to Pack your Pantry for Big Moves

How to Pack-Up Your Pantry for a Move

Moving is a big, logistical nightmare. One thing most people don’t think about when planning their move is what to do with their pantry and all the food in their refrigerator. You want to plan it out so you don’t starve but also don’t end up with a refrigerator full of perishable items. You’ll need to set aside money in your moving budget for a big grocery bill after you move into your new home. Trust me, it will be worth not having to deal with leaks and spills. Continue reading

3 ways to organize your freezer

Organize your Freezer, Like a Pro, in 3 Easy Steps

How many times have you thrown out frozen food items due to freezer burn or even purchased the same bag of frozen vegetables when you already had two unopened bags! It happens to the best of us! To help alleviate those frustrating moments, I recommend organizing your freezer. Not only can an organized freezer save you money, but also can save you time when searching for the frozen items that you need. Here are three clever ways to organize your freezer for overall better usability Trust me, it’s worth the added effort!

Continue reading

holiday break

We’ll be back in 2015!

Thanks for being a ZippyLife reader. We’re taking a break, but don’t worry we’ll be back in 2015 with more awesome posts on how to simplify your life.

Do you have a topic you’d like us to cover? Drop us a comment and we’ll add it to our editorial calendar for 2015.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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