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Matt is the Content Marketing Specialist for Zippy Shell. With a background in writing and editing, Matt writes about anything and everything for the ZippyLife blog.

History of Halloween

I’m about to tell you a spooktacular tale, a sweet tale about mischief and fright that happens during the night. The beginning of this story takes us back to 1745. Halloween, or also All Hallows’ Eve, is a festival with Gaelic roots that celebrated the “Samhain.” Samhain was a festival that allowed people to prepare for winter by harvesting their goods and taking stock of various supplies needed throughout the harsh winter months. Continue reading

Simple Ways to Recycle Your Leaves

Crunch. Crunch. That’s the sound of fallen leaves on the sidewalk as you trod over them on your way to the office. CrunchCrunchCrunch. That’s the sound of those same exact fallen leaves on the sidewalk as you finish your nine-minute mile during your daily jog. Those frequent crunches under your feet are a sign that autumn is making its presence known. Next, the temperatures will start drastically dropping and before you know it, there will be fluffy white stuff on the ground. Continue reading

How To Clean Your Shower Curtain

Vinyl shower curtains, just like anything in the house, get dirty over time. One great thing about vinyl shower curtains is how inexpensive they are. It’s easy to buy a shower curtain, use it until it gets dirty, throw it away and then buy a new one. Buy. Use. Toss. Repeat. In order to save you some money and help reduce your carbon footprint in the environment, we at ZippyLife are going to tell you how to clean your shower curtain. Follow these steps and your shower curtain will look as good as new, saving you some extra cash to use on something nice! Continue reading

How To Clean and Care For Your Mattress

Sleeping is one of the most important ways to stay healthy. In fact, according to many studies, sleep deprivation affects us in so many negative ways but yet, it is still a common occurrence amongst the population of the world. We all know that a comfortable and supportive mattress is one of the fundamental keys to a great sleep, but just like everything else, a mattress needs to be properly maintained. Here’s how you can clean your mattress and get rid of any terrible smells and stains that may have accumulated throughout your many sleeps. Continue reading

How To Winterize Your Swimming Pool

Summer is ending and the brisk temperatures of fall are starting to slowly creep to the 50 and 60 degree marks. Time to grab that sweatshirt and maybe even put an extra blanket on the bed at night. As you go through your checklists of things to do around the house before winter is in full swing, don’t forget to make winterizing your swimming pool a top priority. The main reasons to winterize your swimming pool are to both protect it from freezing water and clean it thoroughly so you don’t have to do as much work next spring. In order to make winterizing your pool the easiest task on your to do list, here is a step-by-step guide to get it done in no time.  Continue reading