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About Rachael

Rachael is the Marketing Manager at Zippy Shell and works closely with her team to create custom marketing strategies that best encompass who they really are in the digital media space. After completing a Bachelor's in mass communications, Rachael continued her work in a multitude of media fields, later shifting her specialties towards the growing trend in blogging and digital communications. When she is not in the office, you will often find her zipping past on her red bicycle or building a something crafty.

Enthusiastic About Life: Meet Charlie Thorne

“I have been blessed with a passion for helping others and a love for people”

Meet Zippy Shell’s social butterfly, Charlie Thorne. It’s not hard to spot who he is in the office. Charlie is our business development guru for Zippy Shell’s moving sector, Zip Move.  The one thing about Charlie that makes him stand out is his genuine interest to help others find the solutions they need. The enthusiasm for life doesn’t stop at the office; if he’s not volunteering at church on the weekends or in his community, you can find Charlie playing his favorite childhood sport, soccer.

Let’s catch up with Charlie and see what he’s been up to these days…..
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Everything you Need to know About Air Conditioning

It’s hot outside and you’re turning up the AC, but did you happen to clean your AC unit before the start of summer? Probably not. Have you took a moment to consider that you could be losing up to 15-30% of your efficiency from your AC unit?  What exactly does a loss in efficiency mean?

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Revamp your Attic

10 Clever Ways to Revamp your Attic

What’s in your attic? Just stuff that you never use…right? Attic is a space that we often don’t utilize because it’s unfinished. Imagine if you did finish the attic and better yet, imagine if it became a room in your home. Not only would it increase the value of your home , but it could become the space that you always wanted – how cool is that!

To inspire you, I wanted to share the 10 clever ways to revamp your attic for 2015.

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How to Move in Together and Keep Your Style

You have moved on from the living in an apartment on your own, and now you’re ready to live with your partner. It’s exciting, and most importantly you get to spend even more time together (which should be a good thing)! If you’re remotely like me, you assume that it will work itself out once you move in. Come moving day, you drop the last box on the floor, exhausted and then you realize that somehow all of your stuff is going to have to mix with his/her stuff? Then you realize that you moved a ton of duplicate items, your partner is putting furniture in places that you wouldn’t, and now the whole process just seems stressful. You then sit on the floor and say to yourself,”How did that even happen?!”

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