Best Burger Recipes for the summer 2015

Top 10 Most Mouth Watering Burger Recipes of 2017

It’s time for another one of our mouth-watering posts, and it’s just in time for Memorial Day. When we think of the summer holidays, we often think of burgers, hot dogs, potato salad and everything that falls under the ‘American Classics’ definition. This year, we wanted to push the envelope with your grills and introduce you to some of the best burger recipes that your mouth has ever met. Our team had to scour the Internet, while maintaining our drool, to uncover the most drool-worthy burgers for you to use this holiday.

If you don’t believe me,  then just scroll down and see for yourself.

Beef Burgers


Best Burgers of 2015
Why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner? The sausage and beef burger combination has so much flavor and spice that you won’t ever put it down, I promise. I found this recipe at, a staple resource for exquisite recipes. The best part of this recipe is that it will pair well with your staple BBQ sides, making it the perfect burger for this weekend.





Best Burger for Summer
The classic but always improved upon, mushroom Swiss burger. Perhaps it was just the photos, but the Two Purple Figs blog beautifully photographed the perfect mushroom Swiss burger that also looks easy to make.









Best Burgers for Grilling
Who could tell you how to make a burger better than Martha Stewart? Nobody; which is why we had to include her Aussie burger recipe to the list. While this may not be an American classic, Australians seem to have clever add on’s making the burger experience worth the worldly taste. If you like grilled onions, fried eggs, and canned beet slices on your burger, then look no further.





Best Burger for Summer
Imagine using fall-off-the-bone short rib as your protein and then mix it with a homemade A1 sauce, black pepper bacon, and fresh herbs. Need I say anymore? Get the full recipe here at The Daily Meal blog.


Best Burger of 2015
This is a Minnesota classic; sometimes spelled like Jucy Lucy….depending on where you get it. This classic burger is stuffed with four slices of America’s favorite cheese, American cheese. Mixed with spices and grilled to perfection, you could never go wrong with the Juicy Lucy. What’s even better is that this recipe was created by our good friend and Zippy Shell writer, Matt Shalbrack! Click here for his recipe.

Best burger of 2015

If you’re like me, then you would agree that salsa tastes good on just about everything. That’s how I discovered this salsa burger from The Daily Meal. This burger is covered with fresh salsa, Monterrey Jack cheese, and chipotle peppers. If you can’t wait any longer, get the full recipe here.

Best Burgers of 2015This may have made the list because I am a personal fan of Alton Brown, but regardless of that, he makes delicious food. His burger shines where any burger should, with the meat. This recipe includes sirloin steak, chuck steak meat, and lamb. If you’re ready to step away from the traditional beef burger, then it looks like you need to try the best burger ever.

Poultry Burgers


Best Burgers of 2015

I love BBQ chicken, maybe even more than burgers sometimes. In dedication to my love for chicken and BBQ, here is the highly-rated chicken burger that will knock your socks off.











Best Burgers of 2015

What makes this burger far better than any other turkey burger? It’s the combination of cotija cheese and bacon in the guacamole topping. Are you drooling yet? The thing with turkey is that it has less fat than beef, so it easily go dryer, but that’s not the case with this burger. The rich guacamole and spice blend make this concoction hard to forget. Here’s the full recipe from The Daily Meal blog.



Best Burger Recipes for 2015

Taking a break on eating meat, no worries. We also found an incredible veggie burger recipe that, as said in the comments, freezes well for leftovers! This burger is packed with good stuff, such as artichokes, black beans, chickpeas, black olives and more. Not only is this incredibly flavorful, but the burger also has a great creamy texture. Here’s the full recipe on the Food Network blog.

There you have it. If you somehow made it down to the bottom of this blog and you’re not drooling yet,  then it’s time to get your pulse checked. I hope that you get a chance to try each and every one of these recipes, and, of course, share your thoughts. Happy Memorial Day and enjoy your extended weekend with good company, great weather, and delicious food.


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