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The Best Carpet Deep Cleaning Tips Before the Move!

Are you leaving wall to wall carpet behind in your move? Chances are that carpet needs a little TLC before you move out. Whether you are trying to avoid paying a carpet replacement fee to your landlord or you just want to leave the new homeowners with a fresh and clean carpet, deep cleaning is the solution you have been looking for! Carpets can be very tricky to clean. While vacuuming and shampooing are a good start,  you need to do a deep clean to get rid of dirt and dust trapped deep in the fibers of the carpet.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we dug up some of our favorite deep cleaning carpet tips.

1) The first step you should take before any deep clean is to vacuum and clean up any visible spots. You want to make sure you get any loose dirt and dust up first, otherwise it might end up getting pushed down deeper into the rug.
2) If you have a pet that is known to have accidents on the carpet, make sure to first treat your carpet with an enzyme shampoo made to clean up pet accidents. Pets are always attracted to the same spots they have had previous accidents so this cleaner helps to remove the past smell of the accident that attracts your pet to the spot.
3) You can deep clean your carpet by renting a steam cleaner at your local superstore or grocery store. Make sure you choose a model of machine that you can easily move around, otherwise you might not get the most effective clean possible.
4) If you don’t want to use a chemical based cleaner, look around online for the organic mixture that works for you. You can make your own strong carpet cleaner by using organic ingredients like salt and vinegar.
5) Make sure your carpet gets very wet while you are on the first setting shampooing your cleaner deep into the carpet. You should only have to go over your carpet on the first setting once and then on the second setting 2 or 3 times to make sure you suck up all the dirt and water.
6) Give your carpet a fair amount of time to dry before you place your furniture back onto it. Putting furniture onto the carpet before it’s dry might end up making new stains from furniture’s color bleeding into the rug.
7) You should deep clean your carpet about once every 6 months for the best results. That might seem like a lot, but if you really think about it- it’s only twice a year!

So go out there and make your carpets look like they are brand new!


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One thought on “The Best Carpet Deep Cleaning Tips Before the Move!

  1. Heather

    Number 2 is such a great point. Plus, if you don’t use the enzyme cleaner first, then you risk setting the stain in even deeper due to chemical reactions – and you definitely don’t want that. Thanks for sharing!


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