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The Best Tips for Moving Back to School

Well, that was a quick summer. It’s hard to believe it’s already time for college kids around the world to pack up the last bits of summer and get ready to move back into the dorms for another school year. Moving can be stressful, especially since you are packing for an entire year away!

So where should you even get started? What should your to-do list look like? Here are our best tips for moving back to school this fall!

1) Clean out all your junk and clutter!

Before you even think of starting to pack stuff away, go through everything you own. Donate old clothes you aren’t going to wear, throw out anything that is broken, and take a minute with each item to decide if you REALLY need to bring it with you. The less you have to move, the easier it will be!

2) Make a list of items that you still need.

Once you go through everything you have, now make a list of the items that you are going to need to purchase. It might be your first time living in a suite with a kitchen, so now you are going to need supplies to actually cook your own meals. Include any replacement items for broken or lost things on this list as well. This list will help keep you organized so you don’t forget to purchase anything in the last minute rush!

3) Plan to purchase new items while you are at school.

As I mentioned earlier- the less you have to move, the easier it will be! If you need to purchase new items, plan to purchase them when you get to campus so you don’t have to worry about transporting them. Don’t want to run out to the store? Order everything online and have it delivered to you on campus! It doesn’t get easier than that! PROTIP: Campus bookstores that carry student supplies tend to be really expensive. It might be worth the trip off campus to save some money on these missing items.

4) Give Yourself Enough Time to Pack- Correctly.

Obviously, summer is more fun than packing for school- but you want to make sure you are packing the right way. The better you pack your items, the more likely they are to arrive safely and the more organized they will be to unpack. I know you want to squeeze in as much last minute time with friends and family before you have to leave, but don’t forget to block out a few hours to make sure you are fully prepared for the school year. You don’t want to get to campus and find out you are missing something important.

5) Try to Move into your dorm during off hours.

If you want to avoid the crowd during move-in, try to move in when the dorms won’t be as crazy. Moving in first thing in the morning might help you avoid the rush of students moving in during the day. You can also try and move your stuff in the evening or at night when most other students have already settled in. If you do choose to move in at night, just be aware that student helpers and moving materials like carts and dollies might be put away by the time you arrive on campus. That means you might have to handle all the heavy lifting by yourself.

6) Give yourself enough time to settle into your dorm.

Make sure you move in and give yourself enough time to unpack and settle into the space before classes start. You’ll be organized and ready to start school in a stress-free way!

Good luck this year! Remember to work hard and have fun!

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