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The Best Tips for Moving During Summer

Summer is the busiest season in the moving industry. Almost 3 quarters of all annual moves happen during the three months of summer. If you are like many others moving during this time, here are our best tips to make your move a success!

Book your move with Zippy Shell:

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Book your Move Early:
Since summer is so busy for moving, make sure you book your movers as early as you can! You don’t want to miss out on using a moving company just because you waited too long to schedule and they have no availability left. If you need to book your move at the last minute, try to schedule it during a weekday before the first or end of the month. Remember: Most renters will be moving the first or last weekend of the month due to their lease’s ending and most people try to book their moves on the weekend when they won’t have to take a day off work.

Staying organized is crucial to ensuring you have a successful move. Give yourself as much time as possible to pack. As soon as you get your move date booked, start packing! The longer you have to get the job done- the better your items will be packed and the less stressed you will be.
Driving to your new home? Watch out for beach traffic:
If you are driving to your new home, make sure to plan around beach traffic. Giving yourself an early or late start might help you miss out on a few extra hours of beach traffic.

Book flights early:
If you are flying to your new home, book your flights as early as you can! The earlier you book, the cheaper the tickets will be. You’ll also be able to schedule out your whole day in advance so you don’t end up in a mad rush to the airport in the middle of your moving day.

Avoid the heat:
Temperatures can get really hot during the summer. Moving in the heat can be very hard. Booking your move in the early morning before temperatures really start to climb is a great way to try and keep cool.

Make sure everyone stays hydrated:
Make sure to have plenty of water around while moving in and out. Water is crucial to making sure that everyone in your family and your movers stay hydrated through the labor. You don’t want anyone getting sick or hurt.

Look out for signs of overheating in family and movers:
Don’t let anyone get overheated. If someone is feeling sick it might be time for them to take a little break with water in the shade. Don’t try to push anyone past their limit, it’s not the end of the world if your load or unload takes an hour or two longer than originally planned if no one gets sick. Have portable fans and cold wet towels on hand for anyone that is starting to get too hot.

You’ll be in your new home enjoying the rest of summer before you know it! From all of us at Zippy Shell, have a great move!

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