Best Way to Create a Renovation Plan for your New Home

You just purchased a new home and you already have a laundry list of items that you want to update or replace. While it’s totally normal to want to make this home your own, it’s important to make sure you have a solid plan for how you are going to carry out these renovations. A plan will help you stay on time, on your budget, and will help keep your stress level low during the renovations!

So where should you start? What should you do? What shouldn’t you do? Take a deep breath, we are here to help. The most important thing is to create a renovation plan that is realistic and that moving forward you can actually stick to it.

1) Live in your home before you start renovating:

You might find some things on your renovation list actually aren’t that important or necessary. Take the time to get to know your home. You might even find that you have some new major problems to address that take priority over the issues you originally thought.

2) Take the time to look into contractors, designers, architects

You want to make sure you are hiring the right people for the job. Get a few different quotes from different contractors to ensure you are getting a good price that you think is fair. Double check customer reviews to solidify that the company you decide to go with is reputable and will do a good job. Talk to these contractors about when the best time of year is for certain renovations. For example- don’t plan a roof renovation for the middle of winter! Then pre-scheduled these renovations with your first choice contractors in advance to secure time on their schedule.

3) Take a break to keep your stress level lower:

You just bought a house and then moved in! You have been at the top of the stress meter for a while now. It’s time to give yourself a little break. Take your time throughout the renovation process so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

4) Come up with your payment plan:

You just spent a lot of money on a house. You should take the renovations slow as you adjust to your new mortgage payments. Plan out your finances for your list of renovations and make sure to leave some extra room for those added expenses that ALWAYS pop up during renovations. It’s important to make sure you are being smart with your money; this is a huge investment.

5) Make a list of renovations before you move in, then make a second list after you move in:

Not just a mental list, actually WRITE out your list- twice. You might notice that when you compare your lists your priorities have changed. The original plan just might not be realistic anymore. Making a new list will help you re-prioritize your renovations and make sure you are getting the most important updates done first.

Once you have your plan, you are ready to go and make your new home your dream home!

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One thought on “Best Way to Create a Renovation Plan for your New Home

  1. Jenna Hunter

    I concur that You should take the renovations slow as you adjust to your new mortgage payments. Once we started renovating and at the end of the month we couldn’t pay our mortgage and had to take out a loan to pay it! Next time we will be sure to look into that with an expert so we don’t lose money!


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