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How to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive When Moving

There are many things to look forward to about the Holiday season. Moving is not one of them. If find yourself having to move during the holidays it can really ruin your spirit. It’s a time you should be focusing on family and friends and instead you are packing boxes and planning the trip.
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Best Ways to Entertain Family and Friends During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. It is such a wonderful time to spend quality time with the people you love most. The idea of gathering together at your home is a wonderful way to give thanks and appreciation to your loved ones. Whether you’re playing football outside or cooking delicious food, it is all about spending time with family/friends. Getting the holidays started with some fun activities is all you need. Here are some of our best ideas on how to keep your family and friends entertained during this fun-filled holiday. Continue reading

How to throw the ultimate Outdoor Party

How to Throw the Ultimate Backyard Bash

We’ve had quite the weather so far this year, but at least the rain is pouring out now before the big festive weekend, you know….fourth of July weekend! I’ve been to quite a few fourth of July parties in my day, and the best parties are the ones that have a great mix of people, noteworthy food and most importantly, a comfortable environment.

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How to make a tree stump table for dad

The Perfect Gift for the Dad Who Has Everything

While it’s most likely that our mothers will make a fuss to be acknowledged on any insignificant holiday, it’s still important to look past your father’s nonchalant attitude towards Father’s Day and show him your appreciation.

In my real-life, every holiday involving gifts, like Christmas, Birthday’s and Father’s Day have all become dreadful decision-making moment when it comes time for me to decide what to get my father. I can’t buy him electronics, clothing or books, and the worst part is that he hates when other people buy him socks. So what do I buy him? Once I wrapped a 24 pack of Michelob Ultra, but honestly that took the fun out of gift giving.

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