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How to Maintain a Healthy Yard


For your yard to have the potential to be great, you need to prepare it for greatness! Remove all old or dead grass and weeds. Then replenish the yard with new soil where necessary. Water the soil and remaining vegetation for a week to let it get settled.

Grass seed

Choose a specific grass seed that will prosper in your yard’s environment. Plant a seed that will survive in the cold and warm seasons and with the amount of sunlight in your yard. Water the seed until the grass has grown, which can take up to a month.

Moving your lawn

Mow your lawn at the mower’s highest setting while letting your yard grow. The taller grass will create shade for the soil and allow the roots to grow stronger.


Apply fertilizer to your lawn using a fertilizer spreader, applying as much as directed. Do not over fertilize your yard, as this will cause more damage than good. Wear gloves when dealing with fertilizer to avoid contact with chemicals.

Plant flowers

Now that your lawn is in shape, add some color to your garden. Add bushes, flowers, and any other small plants that you like to your garden. This will make your whole yard much more aesthetically pleasing.

Maintain your yard

Aerate your yard once a year in the fall or spring when your yard is not too dry and not too wet. This will allow your yard to replenish itself, while cleansing out old soil and being able to regrow. Continuously weed your yard when needed by pulling out the small weeds yourself or applying weed killer.

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The Must-Have Outdoor Swings for 2015

My childhood–like many others– is filled with memories of playing on swings. Why shouldn’t you be able to still enjoy a good swing? Swings are no longer just for the kids to enjoy, they’re fair game for grown-ups, too!

Do I have you convinced yet? Not only do outdoor swings add instant charm to your home, but they also create lasting memories for everyone.  Swing back in time with these nostalgic outdoor swings, and you’ll be instantly transformed back in time to days of lemonade, bare feet and carefree summer evenings.

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You Can Have a Green Lawn! Here’s How:

For new homeowners, the importance of lawn care can easily be overlooked until the unfortunate moment when your grass turns to a lovely shade of brown! With my beginner’s guide on how to give your lawn what it needs, not only will your lawn be green- but your neighbors will be green with jealously. And let’s just say that you will be able to avoid the judgmental stares from your neighbors all summer.

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