Learning How to Declutter: The Garage

Throughout the year, the garage is a place in the house that is used the most, but also turns into a storage locker for excess household items, seasonal items and other various supplies. Garages have a tendency to get dirty fast, especially during the summer and fall months. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered on how to clean your garage and make it sparkle.

Continuing our “Learning How to Declutter” series, the main focus of this article will be on how to declutter the garage. In case you missed our other posts from this series, you can catch up by reading how to declutter the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, attic and basement.

Let’s get started.

Start sorting

One of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce the clutter is to sort all of your items and consolidate them into groups. Lots of times, we accumulate all sorts of things, some of which are the same. By consolidating your things, you can make sure that you don’t have too many of each item. Check expiration dates on some items too, because if they’re expired, you can throw them away.

By sorting your things, you’re getting rid of the things you don’t need and you’re organizing them at the same time. Talk about productive multi-tasking! The sorting process is also beneficial because at the end of this project, you will arrange your things based on items that are alike. This will be of immense help at the end.

Clear everything from the garage and begin to clean

In order to fully clean out the garage, you need to get everything object out of there. Depending on the last time you cleaned the garage, there is the chance that there will be a ton of dirt and grime to clean out, especially on the garage floor. During fall, when leaves are falling and the wind is blustery, leaves can blow in the garage and stick around on the floor, just adding to the clutter.

The easiest way to rid the garage floor of dirt and grime is to use a pressure washer. A pressure washer can be a very pricey purchase, but most hardware stores offer the ability to rent pressure washers for a flat fee. If you don’t have one, I recommend renting one. But, if you’re willing to spend anywhere from $50 – $500 to reap the benefits of owning a pressure washer, then go for it.

Using a pressure washer is easy. Just plug it in, have a garden hose nearby and go. Some need gasoline to run, so when you rent, make sure you know which kind you’re getting. Pressure washers use a high power stream of water to clean off dirt and grime. They’re quite easy to use and do a great job of cleaning.

Move things back into place and add things if necessary

Now that you’ve finished cleaning out the interior of your garage, you can slowly start to put things back in their place and arrange them in a neat fashion. Keep all like-items together, that way when you need something, you’ll have a plethora of items at your fingertips to choose from. One thing to look at purchasing for this step are shelving units. Shelving units are used to help get things off of the group and more readily accessible when you need it most.

After making some final tweaks to your arrangements, head out to your driveway and look back inside your garage to see how much you really accomplished.


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