How To Design The Backyard Of Your Dreams

The front of your home may be the showpiece of your landscape, but the back yard is where the entertaining happens. It is all your own, a sanctuary for relaxation, entertaining, and play. Why shouldn’t you take your backyard from blah to breathtaking? Having a place to entertain family and friends or even to sit and enjoy a good book is a must, especially when the weather is nice! Here are our top tips when planning your perfect outdoor space:

1. Envision Your Perfect Backyard Space

It may seem simple, but it is one of the most important steps. Ask yourself some basic questions. What do you want out of your yard – a playground for the kids, cozy retreat, or an entertaining patio? You need to make sure to be realistic about how much time and money you can put in this project. You don’t want to have a project that you don’t have time for because we all know it will never get completed. This is a space that should bring happiness and relaxation, not stress.

2. Know the Rules

Your city or homeowner’s association may have specific regulations, like maximum fence height or projects that require permits. Figure out exactly what belongs and what does not. If you break the rules you will have to completely change your project plus pay a fine. It is smarter and a more efficient use of your time and money to make sure that you know what the rules and regulations are for your neighborhood.

3. Check Out Property

Do a walk-around and consider what you like and what you don’t like about your space. Make a list of what is salvageable and what is not. What do you need and what can you do without?  Be aware of geographical considerations as well, where you should and should not plant certain things.

4. Check Things Out From Inside

Outdoor spaces should bring happiness every day, even when you’re inside. When designed correctly, your backyard becomes artwork through your windows. It is not only something you can enjoy outside, but also something you should enjoy from inside your home. Make sure when planning your outside space you are thinking about how things will look from the inside of your home as well.

5. Draw Out Your Plan

A detailed plan provides a birds-eye view of your overall project, which can then be implemented logically in steps. Everything should flow from one thing to the next. If you’re having trouble consider hiring a professional, at least for the planning portion. A designer can open your eyes to amazing options you may not think of yourself. If you can’t afford a designer, talk to a friend for a different perspective. They may have some ideas that you love – you never know!

All in all, this is your space to enjoy. Bring your own ideas and perspective into this project. Picture your family and friends enjoying a beautiful place and that should be enough for you to plan your vision!


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