Where to Find Free Moving Boxes

You just bought a new home or had to pay a deposit for a new rental, so there’s a good chance you’re probably also planning on getting a few new pieces of furniture or changing up your décor a little bit. You are also going to have to pay to move into your new home. This is going to start adding up pretty quickly, so how can you cut costs?

A great way to save some money during a move is to avoid purchasing your moving boxes. You’ll need A LOT of boxes to move, so the extra cash will help ease your bank account during the transition. Not to mention, recycling moving boxes is a great green way to move!

1) Craigslist’ Free Section: Check out the free section in your area and see if anyone is currently giving away leftover moving boxes!
2) Freecycle: Freecycle is a website where people create groups to give away items they no longer need for free!
3) Ask bookstores, grocery stores, and other stores to see if they have any free boxes. These types of stores get tons of deliveries all the time and probably have a lot of unused boxes laying around. It doesn’t hurt to ask!
4) Facebook Community groups: a simple search for “free moving boxes” yields a ton of options from groups and pages where people are looking to get rid of their moving boxes.
5) Ask your office: Office buildings get a lot of supplies delivered. They might have a place they store recycling before it goes out. Ask around and see if they are willing to save the boxes for you.
6) Ask a friend or neighbor that just moved- they would be happy to share their boxes with you!
7) Give your area’s nearest recycling center a call and see if you can pick up some of their boxes before they are recycled.
8) Check out local schools: they order a lot of supplies and might have a bunch of boxes hanging around!

Good luck on your search, if you come across any other places in your search- make sure to share with us in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Where to Find Free Moving Boxes

  1. Harvey Price

    I want everything ‘protected’, I bought the ‘basic plastic’ stuff for mattress (& box springs, I mean everything!) and tried to find the largest cardboard available in a Home Depot (usually for wardrobe, etc) just by coincidence, leaving the Home Depot, I can see the back of a store; they have two large (6 yd) recycling ‘dumpsters’, along w/ the regular blue one that is meant for their trash; I inquired within the store, citing I was moving and donating (to those less fortunate and I have!, clothes, bedding, housewares, furniture, etc, to several very worthwhile facilities; ‘ARC’ (local to my area, recommended over Goodwill, b/c it benefits locally) Vietnam Vets of America & Habitat for Humanity, (been doing a lot of investigating) anyway, I have bought many things over the years here (I am still in their computer) they are a great source for larger/stronger (heavier cardboard); I am reluctant to reveal their name, for obvious reasons; check ‘big’ box stores, that have furniture (duh) and house belongings that arrive to them, get unpacked, and go on display on in their store!


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