Fun Activities for Your Halloween

Halloween is such a fun and magical time of the year. The beautiful leaves, fun costumes, and quality time spent with friends and family are some of the best parts of the season. There are plenty of fun activities for everyone to enjoy in Washington, D.C. Here are a few of my favorite Halloween activities!

1. Boo at the Zoo

  • Looking for some not-so-scary Halloween fun? Boo at the Zoo provides more than 40 treat stations, animal demonstrations, keeper chats and decorated trails. New this year will be an entertainment stage with magicians, jugglers, and a DJ spinning Halloween favorites. This is the perfect fall event for the whole family!
  1. Corns Mazes in Maryland & Virginia
    • Who doesn’t love a creepy, confusing corn maze? Corn mazes are such a fun way to bring in the fall festivities, it’s perfect for both friends and family. It is such a great way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. It is something a bit different so you can be active while have enjoying yourself!
  2. Renaissance Festival in Maryland
    • The Maryland Renaissance Festival is such a fun tradition. You can go back in time with sword swallowers, axe throwers, jousting and elephant rides. Plus, plenty of turkey legs, fried macaroni and hot apple cider to enjoy. This is such a fun activity that the whole family be a part of. The Renaissance Fest takes you back and makes you feel like you really have gone back in time.
  1. Ghost Tours in Maryland, Washington, & Virginia
    • Looking for something super spooky this Halloween? This is such a fun activity to do with friends. Take a ghost tour and hear ghost stories and legends about infamous haunted places in Washington, D.C, Maryland and Virginia. This sounds like the perfect evening to get a little spooked, but also have fun and learn lots along the way.
  2. Teal Pumpkin Project : FARE *Perfect way to help out!
    • Halloween should be a fun, community holiday and this is one incredible way to show kids all of the kids in our lives that we care for them and would want them to have a fun, safe Halloween experience. The teal pumpkins show trick-or-treaters that your home will be serving “safe candy” or crafts. All you have to do is take a pumpkin, paint it teal, and put it out on your porch. This is probably one of the coolest Halloween ideas because it teaches children empathy while protecting those who have food allergies. Why not make a fun project out of it while helping other children in your community?

I honestly feel like any activity outside during fall is enjoyable. Halloween is such a perfect time to enjoy festivities with loved ones and these are just a few activities to get your Halloween celebrations started. Think of a fun, creative idea and go for it. Wishing everyone a safe and spooky Halloween!

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