Get Your Home Ready For Trick or Treaters

The time for Trick or Treating is almost here! Soon the princesses, superheroes, and monsters will be knocking at your door to collect their candy. So, is your home ready for the big night?

We aren’t talking about converting your home into a haunted house with elaborate decorations, just making sure that your home is a safe and inviting place for trick or treaters to stop by. Planning ahead not only helps keep your neighbors safe but will also keep your home safe as well!

1) Decorations:

Whether you want to completely transform the outside of your home into a Halloween masterpiece or just put out a few homemade jack-o-lanterns, you need to make sure safety is a top priority. Make sure decorations are hung securely and can’t accidentally be knocked over or pulled down by excited trick-or-treaters. Flammable decorations should be kept away from lights or candles that could cause them to ignite. Jack-o-lanterns can easily be accidentally knocked over so instead of filling your pumpkins with real tea candles, a great alternative is to use battery powered tea lights.

2) Have a Clear Path:

Before trick-or-treaters start making their rounds, make sure your home has a safe and clear path for kids to run up. When my siblings and I were younger we used to race to see who could get to the door first and get the privilege of ringing the doorbell. Just make sure there isn’t anything that might present an opportunity for someone to trip on. If anyone were to fall and get seriously injured, you could be found liable… even on Halloween! Making sure you have a safe path for trick-or-treaters not only will help keep them safe but will keep you safe as well!

3) Let There Be Light:

Make sure your home’s entrance and pathway are well lit and inviting. It might be tempting to put up a black light or flashing light to set the Halloween mood, but you want to make sure your home is well lit so trick-or-treaters can safely navigate their way. This is a great opportunity for home’s that have a side door that is often confused for the front door. Make sure your front door is well lit and guide people right to it! Make sure pathways are lined with enough light that everyone will be able to see exactly where they are going.

4) Protection from Mischief:

Halloween and Mischief night (Halloween Eve) have been known to inspire vandalism. Everything from toilet paper covered homes to broken windows (and in some extreme cases minor arson.) Some easy things you can do to help protect your home from any pranks are:

  • Make sure cars are parked in a closed garage if possible.
  • If you are using flamed candles for your jack-o-lanterns, make sure flames are extinguished and the candles are brought inside.
  • Bring in carved pumpkins to avoid them from getting smashed.
  • Bring in any potted plants to avoid them from getting smashed or damaged.
  • Install automatic lights to deter any trespassers.

5) Who Let the Dogs Out?:

Don’t forget about your four-legged family members! Keep your family pets gated in another room with you and away from the front door. The constant opening and closing of the door might be an opportunity for a pet to escape out of the house and go missing. Not to mention, kids in costumes and neighborhood commotion might scare even the friendliest dog into biting. It’s better to be safe than sorry, keep your pets away from the front door!

From all of us here at Zippy Shell, we hope you have a happy and Safe Halloween!

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