Rick Del Sontro President of Zippy Shell Incorporated

Get to Know the President: Rick Del Sontro

Great businesses are built by great leaders, and Zippy Shell is a testament to this mentality. Led by President Rick Del Sontro, Zippy Shell continues to disrupt the mobile storage and moving industries, providing a unique service at a competitive price.

We sat down with Rick to ask him a few questions that might be of interest to you as you pursue the Zippy Shell franchise opportunity.

Explain the Zippy Shell franchise opportunity in 30 seconds or less.

Zippy Shell is a dynamic franchise system that is disrupting two industries, moving and storage, while unifying them into an innovative service offering that has distinguished itself in its sector. We offer a simple solution for moving and storage services, providing markets across the country with street-legal shell systems for transporting storage containers, making it easy for consumers by loading, securing and moving items with convenience and ease.

Who makes a good Zippy Shell franchisee?

A good Zippy Shell franchisee is a highly motivated, driven individual who likely has executive-level managerial experience and seeks the opportunity to diverse his or her profile with our distinctive franchise model. We offer a semi-absentee opportunity that is asset-heavy with high margins, low overhead and the opportunity for remarkable ROI.  We find that an entrepreneur that can be patient while building a business is perfect for our model.

What is your background, and how does it relate to your work at Zippy Shell?

Prior to joining Zippy Shell, I was founder and CEO of two successful businesses.  Before that, I was in executive roles at Century 21, Coldwell Banker and ERA charged with the responsibility of growing those brands domestically, My background in franchising, coupled with my passion for watching people follow their entrepreneurial paths to business ownership, have served me well at Zippy Shell.

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