How to make your Apartment Feel More Spacious

Looking for a much needed change in your apartment? It is easy to make a small space feel larger by adding a few things and making  a few changes. Your living space is incredibly important and there are many elements that can really lift the impact in a tiny social zone. These ideas will help you rethink your living space, so it can become a space you truly want to spend your time living in.

1. Hang mirrors

In close quarters, a large mirror creates an illusion of space. Not only does it draw the eye up, it bounces light around the room making any space feel larger and brighter. Make sure to pay attention to the framing, The length of the mirror should match the size of the sofa, creating a perfect symmetry. It can make a smaller space feel much larger and brighter.

2. Improve your apartment’s traffic flow

How you move through your living space has a big impact on how spacious your home is perceived. Adjustments to your home’s flow could be as dramatic as a full room rearrangement to moving furniture a few inches to even just de-cluttering entryway wall hooks (so mountains of coats and bags don’t impede a walkway).

3. Re-arrange with the goal to visually lighten and overall balance

The main point of this is to move heaviness away from the entry of each room. Make sure your entry way pieces are light and simple. By dispersing the weight of the room evenly, your eye will continue going throughout the room instead of focusing on one piece. Don’t be afraid to rearrange furniture from room to room to achieve better balanced visual spaces, either. And though some small spaces sometimes have limited ways the furniture can be arranged, it’s worth experimenting. Why not try something new, if it doesn’t work out how you thought – switch it up again.

3. Utilize every corner in your living space

Each little space in your apartment can be easily used. By utilizing every spot in the home you can possibly add seating, new furniture, etc. Get creative – using little nooks can allow you to save room and create more space.

4. Try multipurpose furniture

While it is important to have enough seating for everyone, don’t over do it – adding too much seating can make things feel cluttered. Having coffee tables or ottomans that work double time make things feel more open and save space. They’re handy, decorative, and easily arranged.

5. Create a sense of unity

Having a few things in your apartment that are the same color as your walls creates a sense of space and organization. This will allow items to blend into the room, visually enlarging the space. I have never thought of this concept, but it definitely makes sense. Using some of the same colors not only brings your apartment together but also creates space and light.

6. Take off bulky, dramatic window coverings

This space-saver really depends on the room you are working with. Not done properly, this could leave a space feeling way too bare. This should create natural light plus open any room up. If you need some window coverings, consider streamlining your window coverings so they don’t take over a room; shorten long flowing curtains so they don’t pool on the floor or try tying drapes back tightly.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to create space in your apartment. Switching up the feel of your living space is good for both organization purposes and for entertaining. Have fun with it and do what you feel is best for your living space. Switch things up so that your home feels like yours and is designed just the way you want it.


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