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Hurricanes Wreak Havoc on Transportation Lines, Zippy Shell Responds

As Texas, Florida and the Caribbean Islands begin to recover from the horrors of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, residents and businesses are realizing just how much work is still to be done.

The Wall Street Journal reports that trucking costs are skyrocketing post-hurricanes, as many big rigs are diverted to the recovery effort in Texas and Florida while others are needed in Puerto Rico and nearby islands following Maria. It is predicted that the industry could take up to six months to recover from these massive hits. Shippers are seeing tight capacities and high rates now, with all signs pointing to the fact that they’ll only increase as the months go on.

Zippy Shell relies on these transportation systems to move its customers’ belongings from place to place, and the recent hurricanes have altered normal service industry-wide, resulting in a surge for transportation line pricing. Zippy Shell’s services are directly impacted.

However, Zippy Shell’s commitment to its customers and their satisfaction always comes first. The rate at which many customers booked their recent moves made a major jump due to the price surge, which is out of Zippy Shell’s control. If the difference was not paid, the shipment would not be delivered until the transportation rate went back to the original booked price, and hundreds of people would not have access to their own belongings. To mitigate this, Zippy Shell is personally covering the remaining balance of its customers’ new rates as a demonstration of its dedication to Zippy Shell ‘s motto of “Moving & Storage made simple.”

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