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How to Keep Halloween Fun During a Move

Moving during Halloween doesn’t mean you and your family can’t celebrate the holiday, it just means it’s going to be a little bit harder. Since Halloween falls at the end of the month, you can bet you won’t be the only family struggling to celebrate this year.

So how can you keep the spooky feeling alive? Here are a couple ideas:

1) Don’t skip Trick or Treating!

Even if it’s your first night in your new home, make sure to take the kids out to go trick or treating! It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to get out and introduce yourself to the neighbors and for your kids to get to know the neighborhood! What a sweet way to start!

2) Put Halloween decorations in your Unpack First box!

You don’t have to be the most Spooktacular house on the block this year to participate in the holiday fun! Pack a few Halloween decorations to spice up the décor in your new home as soon as you move in. They will have you feeling like you’re at home before you know it.

3) Participate in community activities!

Even if it’s not feeling very Halloweenie at home, you can bring the whole family out to celebrate the holiday by attending different Halloween events in your new community. You can go pumpkin picking or check out a local haunted house. At the same time, you’ll be getting out into your community and meeting new people!

4) Don’t skip out on Traditions!

Are their certain Halloween movies your family watches together every year? A certain Halloween treat that the whole family enjoys? Keep those traditions alive as best as you can this year even when things are a little crazy. Nothing makes a house feel like your home faster than carrying on your family’s traditions.

5) Move with Zippy Shell!

Zippy Shell will get you and your family to your new home as quickly and stress-free as possible! You’ll be celebrating Halloween before you know it. Visit zippyshell.com today to get started!

From all of us here at Zippy Shell, Have a happy and Safe Halloween!

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