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Keeping Your Furniture Safe From Your Pets

Rarely do you see a household these days without any pets. Pets have become like family members to majority of people in the world, they hold a special place within our hearts and always seem to be there for us whenever we need them.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to come home and be greeted by their loving pets? However, it is inevitable that the pets that we love so much cause the most havoc to our furniture. But don’t worry,  we have a few ideas to make sure your furniture is safe from your beloved pets.

7 Tips to Protect Your Furniture from Your Pets:

1.) Training

  • Obviously training your pet is always the best solution when it comes to protecting your furniture. Training while your pet is young is key. Just like children, kittens and puppies will retain things when they are young so that by the time they are adults they know how they should behave. I personally suggest pet training classes. You may think that you can train your pet yourself, but it really does help to have some of the best training tools at your finger tips. Plus going to a class reminds you to keep up your training schedule.

2.) Give your pet their own area

  • The easiest way to deter your pets from damaging upholstery if to always provide an alternative. Most pets like things that smell like their owners, so provide them with a comfortable bed and place an item of your clothing in there to start – something old that you don’t use anymore – anything that has your scent will encourage them to nest there.
  • In addition to soft pet beds, cats really enjoy some height too. Providing them with some sort of raised shelf, walkway or cat tree is the easiest way to given them their OWN space, so they won’t be tempted to damage yours.

3.) Get some exercise

  • Exercise is necessary for pets too – Exercise daily. One of the best ways to get some energy out of your pets is to simply get some fresh air. The amount of exercise required for your pet varies on the size and breed. This will help reduce the energy they take out on your furniture.

4.) Get a pet throw for your pet

  • A pet throw is an easy fix. These can be bought at a number of furniture stores. You can get one for your entire sofa or just for a small portion where your pet may cuddle up. These are easy to wash and can be taken off whenever need be, plus there are multiple colors or styles that match your taste.

5.) Purchase a toy

  •  A stimulating chew toy or scratching post for your pet is one best options to keep your pet busy. These distractions will prevent both cats and dogs from gnawing on your new furniture. You can purchase comforting toys for your pet while you’re gone, chew toys with hidden treats within them, or ropes to keep them occupied throughout the day – sometimes all you need is a little distraction.

6.) Buy a spray repellent 

  • It is SO simple – mix citrus or mint repellent with water and spray some on your furniture. This will keep your pets far from lounging all over your things and is 100% pet friendly.

7.) Groom your pets

  • Clip their nails, bathe them, and comb them daily to lessen the amount of hair falling off onto your furniture.

Last, but not least, try to remember when accidents happen that our pets are part of our family. We make mistakes too – furniture can be cleaned, covered or replaced. Pets are living and loving parts of our household that will hopefully be with us for a long time.

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