The Must-Have Outdoor Swings for 2015

My childhood–like many others– is filled with memories of playing on swings. Why shouldn’t you be able to still enjoy a good swing? Swings are no longer just for the kids to enjoy, they’re fair game for grown-ups, too!

Do I have you convinced yet? Not only do outdoor swings add instant charm to your home, but they also create lasting memories for everyone.  Swing back in time with these nostalgic outdoor swings, and you’ll be instantly transformed back in time to days of lemonade, bare feet and carefree summer evenings.

While the classic tire swing is functional, the outdoor swings of 2015 have made quite a few upgrades since our childhood years. To help you choose the best swing for your home, here are the best outdoor swings of 2015.


The Rope Hammock

It’s like a mini-hammock, just for you. No trees around? Buy the stand and put this anywhere. Durable, comfortable, and great-looking– this option will add instant charm to your home. You can also interchange the pillow covers so that it will be an added piece of furniture in your space.


Rope Hammock Swing, $89.95. Available at Plow & Hearth.


The Hanging Rattan

Yes, please. Let the scooped swing cradle you as you float through the air. Super sturdy, this one hangs by a heavy-duty loop and rope. Add a cute pillow and a comfy blanket, and you will never spend another Saturday indoors.


Hanging Rattan Chair, $450. Available at Serena & Lily.


The Wooden Seat Classic

Swing back in time with this classic. It’s exactly like the one you had when you were a kid, but this one has a generously sized seat (so it’s perfect for adults too).

You can’t go wrong with this pick. Moderately priced and easy to install, this option is the easiest. Hang it from a tree and enjoy carefree swinging.


Rope Tree Swing With Wooden Seat, $59.95. Available at Plow & Hearth. Don’t want to buy it? Make your own with this easy guide from The Sacred Thoughts of a Crafty Mom blog.


The Porch Swing

This classic option is perfect for any family porch. Whether you’re laying down for a saturday nap, relaxing with lemonade, or catching up with an old friend, the traditional porch swing is always a good choice.


Sunday porch swing, $849. Available at Ballard Designs.

Adding an outdoor swing will not only add charm and personality to your home, but it will be a place where lasting memories are made for you and your family. These are only some of the many available swings out there– depending on your budget and space — you can find the perfect swing for you. Have any swing ideas of your own, share them with us on our blog!

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3 thoughts on “The Must-Have Outdoor Swings for 2015

  1. Irene Smith

    Swings is a game for all ages. No matter young or old, everyone would love it. I have an outdoor swing at my house, the wooden seat classic. I love the model since it is easy to install, just hang it from a tree. Certainly, it beautify my home. At the backyard we put duo swing with a slide from for my two children. They never bored and always having fun with it.


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