Owning a Franchise is the American Dream with a Safety Net

At one point or another, we have all heard of (and maybe even tried to attain) the ‘American Dream.’ Owning a business, having a warm comfortable place to call home, a happy family, maybe a dog and achieving great success through hard work. For many, this remains more of a dream than reality, because controlling one’s own destiny by starting a business is often hindered by internal fear.

Succinctly put: it’s our own fear getting in the way of becoming our own bosses.

Owning a business is filled with complexities that often deter businessmen and women from ever leaving the corporate world. However, there is a solution. And, it’s one that offers a proven business model and more security than operating an independent business concept. Franchise ownership is quickly becoming America’s preferred way to start a business.

When you own a franchise, you operate a business at a much lower risk than as an independent. In today’s economy, the less risk the better. In fact, owning a franchise has a 92 percent success ratio over the course of five years, compared to that of a 23 percent success rate of an independent business. With a franchise, you know exactly what to expect in terms of costs and marketing, and your consumers know what to expect as well because of the established brand awareness.

If you have a unique concept with trade secrets you may not want to share, then by all means, start your own brand. But, for the rest of the men and women out there who want to start their business without the stress of going at it alone, a franchise will offer a support system and recipe for success.

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