How to Plan an Easy Moving Day

How to Plan an Easy Moving Day

Are you dreading your upcoming move? Don’t! It is completely possible to plan a moving day that is easy and stress-free, all you need is a little bit of planning.

The major key to success is giving yourself enough time to get everything done at your own pace. As soon as you know you are going to be moving, it’s time to get started. We put together an easy to follow checklist of what to do at each point of your move.

1 Month Away from Move:

  • Book Your movers!
  • Start Changing your address
  • Make baby and pet sitting plans for moving day
  • Start decluttering and packing
  • 2 Weeks Away from Move:

  • Pack everything but what you’ll need before moving day
  • Pack away bedding for your first night
  • Give your utilities company notice of your move
  • Moving Day

  • Double-check all closets, cabinets, and rooms that everything is packed
  • Clear walkways and lay down protective covering on your floors
  • Leave your new address for your neighbors/landlord
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