Putting Summer Away

As I look outside there are clear signs that autumn has arrived. The leaves are beginning to change colors, the temperature is falling, and the days are getting shorter. If that’s not enough to convince me than all I need do is look at the Halloween decorations. It’s a dead giveaway. As we enter the fall season, it’s time to go through the annual process of putting away summer. For me that means packing up the patio furniture, and getting the outside ready for cold weather.

Pack Up Summer

Remove Water Fixtures
I learned a few years ago long-term exposure to cold temperatures can lead to cracks in garden hoses. In order to properly store a hose, empty completely and store out of direct sunlight. In addition to garden hoses, you should also take down water fountains. The harsh winter weather can lead to cracks. After a big final cleaning, let it dry and shrink wrap your fountain before storing it away.

Store Outdoor Furniture
Patio furniture is great for the summer, but is not built to withstand winter. Give the cushions a good wash before storing to remove any dirt left over from the summer. Then it’s the furniture itself, cleaning now will save you the hassle of cleaning again come spring time.

Trim and Rake
All plants and trees need to be trimmed and cleaned for the winter, but not too much! Pruning encourages growth and this is the last thing you want to do while preparing your plants for a dormant winter. Definitely make sure to do a big sweep off all leaves and brush before snow and frost hit. You don’t want leaves molding under snow all winter long!

Think Spring
Fall is the best time to repair your lawn and reseed for spring. There are many quick-grow seed options which are prefect for this time of year. Check with your local home improvement store to discover the best option for your geographic location. In addition to your repairing your lawn, fall is also the perfect time to plant bulbs for the spring. They are inexpensive, and give you something to look forward too. Tulips, daffodils and crocus are three great planting options for fall.

An Easier Way to Store

If you live in a city, like I do, storage space is a struggle. Years ago I would rent a truck and drive my summer items to the local storage facility. Traffic aside; it’s a miserable day. Not only would I have to load the items into a truck, but I would have to drive it to the location, unload my items out of the truck, put them on a dolly, go up the elevator, down the hall and then off load into my unit. After hours of yard work, unloading a truck is the last thing you want to do.

Today I cheat by using Zippy Shell, a portable storage container. The container is delivered to my home, it takes 30 minutes to load it and then I’m done. The driver hauls my stuff away and stores my stuff for the winter.

Autumn is here and it’s time to put Summer away. Don’t worry, in just 5 months spring will have sprung and it will be time to start preparing for Summer! In the meantime, enjoy the cool weather and the changing seasons.

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