What Should I spend my Savings on?

Reason #7 to Choose Zippy Shell: Savings

The Zippy Shell system is made to get your stuff from point A to B as safely and smoothly as possible. It all starts with the Zippy Shell container, our containers are made so you can tie down your belongings so they don’t shift while in transit.

Once at the secure Zippy Shell facility, your container is shrink wrapped to protect your items from dirt and debris. We store your stuff in our climate controlled facility for as long as you need. Once you are ready for your stuff back, we’ll deliver directly back to you.

By working with a mover who cares about providing the highest quality service possible, you are actually saving money! We’ll help you avoid damage to your items and get you to your new home quickly. What would you do with your savings?

Interested in learning more about Zippy Shell’s moving and storage services? Visit zippyshell.com today!

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