Corporate Relocation to a new city with Zippy Shell

Should you Relocate for your Next Job?

If someone came up to you today and asked you to relocate to a new city for a job opportunity, would you? While some people might have no hesitation in signing on, What should you consider before making your decision?

Will I like living in this new place?

What do you know about this new place? Every town and city has a different feel to it, and not every city might be the right fit for you. Research the nightlife, community events, and if possible try to visit before deciding. Where would you live? Is there a certain neighborhood or part of the city that really appeals to you? Uprooting your life for a new job is a big deal, you don’t want to just jump into the change without making sure you will be happy there.

Is this the best opportunity for my family?

Someone who is single and early on in their career will have fewer hesitations to move to a new city at the drop of a hat than someone who has a family. How will your children handle switching schools and leaving their friends behind? What about your spouse’s job, will they be okay making the move? Will you be moving farther away from your extended family? Take some time to talk with the whole family and weigh all your options.

What am I leaving behind?

What are the pros and cons of staying in your current city? Would you be moving away from family that you rely on for help with child care? Are you leaving a city with an expansive public transit system and will now have to purchase a car to get around? Laying out what you will be gaining vs. losing might help you put everything in perspective to see if this is the right opportunity for you.

Is this job really worth it?

Is this the only opportunity you will have for this job? Is it your dream job? If this is a job that is only available in one geographic location, this might be your big break. But if this is a job that you could get living anywhere, take into consideration that you might be able to get a better offer somewhere else.

How am I going to get there?

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So will you be making a move for a new job soon? Let us know in the comments!

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