Six Things to Consider When Moving After College

Thinking about moving to a new city? You should! It can be the experience of a lifetime. Before you jump in your car and head out to somewhere new take the time to make sure this is the best situation for you.

Six Things to Consider  When Moving After College

1. Picking the right city

Let’s be honest, a big part of where you end up will be based on where you can get a job. USA Today has a pretty useful interactive map highlighting the best areas for job growth across the US.
A good job will only be worth it if you actually enjoy the new city. You’ll want to consider the cost of living, weather, nightlife and distance from family and friends among other things when evaluating where to move. But hey, if you just really need a job, take what you can get and figure out the details later.

2. Figure out how to get your stuff there

Assuming you haven’t accumulated much else during college, your move should be fairly small. However, small moves can be tricky. Zippy Shell’s smaller containers are a great option if you don’t have a lot to move and are moving into an area with tight city streets. is also a good tool for finding alternative ways to move.

3. Budget Your Costs

Boring, I know, but moving always costs more than you think. List out every possible expense you can think of and add 20-30% to that number. Switching your drivers license and registration, security deposit, work clothes, kitchen stuff, etc. all add up quickly.

4. Negotiating with your employer

New recruits are rarely offered much when it comes to covering relocation expenses, but it never hurts to ask. You may be able to score a small signing bonus or lump sum to help with the move.

5. Get connected to your coworkers before you move

This is an important one. If you don’t know anyone in your new city co-workers are a great resource. Your future cube-mates will already know the city well. They’ll be able to tell you where not to live, what commutes are like, good spots to go out, etc. Plus, it never hurts to get to know some people at the office prior to your first day.

6. Just do it!

If you have the desire to live in a new city, move already. Don’t sit around waiting to save money, slowly settling back into your hometown. Guess what, if you let that happen you’ll never end up going anywhere. No risk, no reward.

Ryan Carrigan is the founder of moveBuddha – a website changing the way people find and book moves online. He’s personally helped thousands of people successfully relocate.

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