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How to Move Heavy Furniture Without Breaking Your Back

We’ve all been there. Trying to move heavy furniture by ourselves, but we end up taking out our backs in the process.

We’re older now, which means not only do get hurt easier, but we also have more stuff! Also let’s be honest, when’s the last time you even did a pushup? It’s easy to lose form when moving stuff, especially when climbing stairs and bending through doorways. Back injuries can be seriously painful and last for long periods of time. Although you can do it in a safe and almost pain-free way by sticking to these moving rules.

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How to make a tree stump table for dad

The Perfect Gift for the Dad Who Has Everything

While it’s most likely that our mothers will make a fuss to be acknowledged on any insignificant holiday, it’s still important to look past your father’s nonchalant attitude towards Father’s Day and show him your appreciation.

In my real-life, every holiday involving gifts, like Christmas, Birthday’s and Father’s Day have all become dreadful decision-making moment when it comes time for me to decide what to get my father. I can’t buy him electronics, clothing or books, and the worst part is that he hates when other people buy him socks. So what do I buy him? Once I wrapped a 24 pack of Michelob Ultra, but honestly that took the fun out of gift giving.

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