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7 Genius Ways to Reuse Excess Water

Humans love to waste things, and one of the biggest things we waste is water. We take showers for too long, we leave faucets dripping, and dump water down the drain like it’s nothing. We fail to realize that the planet doesn’t have an endless supply of water. We can and will eventually run out of water which is bad news for life as we know it. Continue reading

The Laziest House Plants for Your Home

House plants are a great decorative addition to any home. However great they may be, some people just don’t have the green thumb required to maintain most plants. Well, here’s your chance to find the perfect plant for you. We’ve done some research and found some very low maintenance plants that even you won’t be able to easily kill! Continue reading

How to Winterize Your Garden Tools

Thyme is on our side! Pardon the pun but isn’t it the truth, especially when we plan ahead?! Now no one wants to think of the upcoming colder months, so let’s think instead of the warm-weather planting season, months away. There’s nothing better than having something to look forward to! In that anticipation, it would be wonderful to pull out our gardening tools and be ready to dig in to the garden work. Continue reading