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How To Design The Backyard Of Your Dreams

The front of your home may be the showpiece of your landscape, but the back yard is where the entertaining happens. It is all your own, a sanctuary for relaxation, entertaining, and play. Why shouldn’t you take your backyard from blah to breathtaking? Having a place to entertain family and friends or even to sit and enjoy a good book is a must, especially when the weather is nice! Here are our top tips when planning your perfect outdoor space:

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You Can Have a Green Lawn! Here’s How:

For new homeowners, the importance of lawn care can easily be overlooked until the unfortunate moment when your grass turns to a lovely shade of brown! With my beginner’s guide on how to give your lawn what it needs, not only will your lawn be green- but your neighbors will be green with jealously. And let’s just say that you will be able to avoid the judgmental stares from your neighbors all summer.

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7 Genius Ways to Reuse Excess Water

Humans love to waste things, and one of the biggest things we waste is water. We take showers for too long, we leave faucets dripping, and dump water down the drain like it’s nothing. We fail to realize that the planet doesn’t have an endless supply of water. We can and will eventually run out of water which is bad news for life as we know it. Continue reading