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Why Zippy Shell Onsite Storage Containers are perfect for renovating your home in Carrollton, TX

Home renovations can be extremely inconvenient and time consuming. During the whole renovation a portion of your home will be completely shut off to you. Not to mention, your renovation might mean that your furniture from the rooms under construction need to be placed in other rooms in your home. This can turn your home into a clutter disaster! Luckily, Zippy Shell onsite storage solutions help ease the inconvenience!
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Store Summer Supplies with Zippy Shell

Top Summer Supplies Storage Tips

Summer is coming to an end and families are readjusting to their school year schedules. Sadly, that means it’s time to pack away all the summer fun until next year. Fall, winter, and spring are longer than you think, so how do you keep your summer stuff safe until next year?
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Sliding doors

How to Use Sliding Doors to Maximize Your Storage Space

The problem with a lot of modern homes is storage space is often at a premium, and that means not having enough room to store all of the items you own. This can be a particular problem if you moved from an older home with plenty of storage space into a newer home lacking in closets! Continue reading

Putting Summer Away

As I look outside there are clear signs that autumn has arrived. The leaves are beginning to change colors, the temperature is falling, and the days are getting shorter. If that’s not enough to convince me than all I need do is look at the Halloween decorations. It’s a dead giveaway. As we enter the fall season, it’s time to go through the annual process of putting away summer. For me that means packing up the patio furniture, and getting the outside ready for cold weather. Continue reading

ZippyLife Author: Alex

Zippylife AlexHi! I’m Alex, Social Media Strategist and all around creative for Zippy Shell USA. Before landing at ZSUSA in June 2013, I was fundraising and managing online communications for Northern Virginia’s largest homeless shelter, Carpenter’s Shelter.

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