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How to Maintain a Healthy Yard


For your yard to have the potential to be great, you need to prepare it for greatness! Remove all old or dead grass and weeds. Then replenish the yard with new soil where necessary. Water the soil and remaining vegetation for a week to let it get settled.

Grass seed

Choose a specific grass seed that will prosper in your yard’s environment. Plant a seed that will survive in the cold and warm seasons and with the amount of sunlight in your yard. Water the seed until the grass has grown, which can take up to a month.

Moving your lawn

Mow your lawn at the mower’s highest setting while letting your yard grow. The taller grass will create shade for the soil and allow the roots to grow stronger.


Apply fertilizer to your lawn using a fertilizer spreader, applying as much as directed. Do not over fertilize your yard, as this will cause more damage than good. Wear gloves when dealing with fertilizer to avoid contact with chemicals.

Plant flowers

Now that your lawn is in shape, add some color to your garden. Add bushes, flowers, and any other small plants that you like to your garden. This will make your whole yard much more aesthetically pleasing.

Maintain your yard

Aerate your yard once a year in the fall or spring when your yard is not too dry and not too wet. This will allow your yard to replenish itself, while cleansing out old soil and being able to regrow. Continuously weed your yard when needed by pulling out the small weeds yourself or applying weed killer.

How to design a game room

Everyone has that one room in their house that doesn’t get used for anything. Make use of yours by turning it into a fun game room for the whole family!

Measure out the size of your room

Once you know the square footage of the room, you can determine how much you can fit into it. Create a wish list for what you want to have in your room, then once you determine what fits then you can buy your items.

Entertaining layout

The layout of your room will determine how effectively your game room will serve its purpose. Separate your tv and couches from the games like a ping pong table, pool table, etc.

Adequate lighting

When playing games, you must be able to see clearly to make the best move.  Arrange for lights to be installed over your tables and countertops.

Advantageous furniture

When designing your game room, the furniture you choose will affect the vibe of the room. Gamer chairs will allow you to create a room perfect for video games. If you have game tables, bar stool chairs or couches are good options to allow others to watch while people are playing the games.

Wall accessories

For a sports bar theme, buy some neon lights, fathead stickers from your favorites teams, and more! Add in a scoreboard on the wall for whatever games you purchase.

Soundproof your space

Playing all sorts of games can create a lot of noise for people in other rooms. Soundproof your game room to be courteous to others in the house.

Small games

Everyone loves the big game tables like foosball and ping pong, but don’t forget about little games too. A dart board or even a deck of cards is the perfect addition to any game room, without taking up any space.

The Best Tips for Moving From an Apartment into a House

Prepare for maintenance

At your apartment, the landlord would take care of the maintenance of the building. When you move to a new home make sure to buy shovels to remove snow, extra furnace filters, yard and gardening tools, and other items to help take care of them home.

Watch your energy and water usage

If your apartment charged you a flat rate for your utilities before, start paying attention to what lights you have on and how long you shower to reduce your bills.


You have a brand new empty home, so fill it with furniture! Plan ahead before you make any big furniture purchases to make sure you will still qualify to buy the home you have your heart set on.

Tool kit

Things are going to break.  Accept it and just be prepared. Make sure to have the basics like a screwdriver, hammer, and tape measure.


Pay attention to what appliances will be included with your new house. Apartments have all the appliances you need, but a new home may not! You’ll have to purchase these appliances yourself.


Decorate your new home! Start by painting the walls or adding wallpaper. Hang up your favorite pictures, posters, and anything else you like. You can even make your own DIY decorations.

Housewarming Party

When you finally get settled in your new home, throw a housewarming party! This is a huge milestone and you deserve to celebrate!

Home Office

Decluttering tips

Have a spot for everything

Create adequate storage spaces for your items so nothing is cluttered.  Try storing items in the general location of where you use them for convenience.

Know that it’s okay to have a junk drawer

Some things really don’t have a perfect spot to be placed, so a junk drawer is necessary.  Pencils, erasers, tape, and other small objects get used all the time but don’t have an efficient way to be stored, so have a junk drawer for items like these.

Acknowledge that life is about experiences, not tangible items

When deciding whether or not to buy something, consider if it would be better than putting that money towards a trip somewhere, or a nice dinner.  Plus, these experiences don’t take up any space in your home.

Make it a habit to put things away

It’s easy to say, “I’ll put it away later,” and then end up forgetting about it and leaving the item there.  Force yourself to just put the item away after you use it, and after repeating this practice it will become muscle memory.

Purge frequently

Arrange a few times a year strictly for purging.  Having a certain date marked on your calendar will help you make it a routine to get rid of the things you don’t need.

Don’t fill your house to the brim

Let the size of your house determine how much can fit into it.  Don’t try to stuff your house with everything you own.  Couple the number of belongings you own with how much your house can hold.

Don’t try to declutter your whole house at once

Take each step room-by-room.  Attempting to clean out your entire house in one day is near impossible.  No one has that kind of time or energy and it can become very overwhelming.  By attacking one room at a time you will be much more productive, and will get a better sense of what needs to be in each room.

Manage your papers

First, have a certain place or bin to put mail when it first arrives.  When you get around to going through it, make sure to put bills and other important papers somewhere safe and accessible.  Sort out what catalogs you want to keep and which you can just recycle.  When a new catalog arrives try to recycle old ones.