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Tips and tricks for home renovations and improvements.

The Most Profitable Home Improvements of 2016

Not everything you update in your home will actually increase the value of it. For example, converting your garage into a second family room can detract from your home’s value because it doesn’t appeal to all buyers. Something that you really want in your home might end up being the opposite of what someone else really wants in their home. So, if you are planning to do some renovating in 2016, what should you invest in?

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How to make your Apartment Feel More Spacious

Looking for a much needed change in your apartment? It is easy to make a small space feel larger by adding a few things and making  a few changes. Your living space is incredibly important and there are many elements that can really lift the impact in a tiny social zone. These ideas will help you rethink your living space, so it can become a space you truly want to spend your time living in.

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Most Profitable Bathroom Renovations for 2015

One of the best home improvement projects you can take on is a bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovations, large and small, can not only increase your love for your home, but they can also have a large return on investment for the home owner.

Bathroom renovations are among the top renovations that yield the best return on investment with an average return of 62%. Another reason bathroom renovations are great for adding value to your home is that renovations both large and small yield a great return. According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, a bathroom renovation of $16,724 will recoup 70% of the investment and a more extensive $54,115 renovation job has a return of 59.8%.

When it’s time to sell your home, you’ll be glad that you did a smart renovation by adding value to your home.

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Top 5 Mistakes that Decrease the Value of your Home

Not everything you do to your home will increase its value. Home additions, skipping out on maintenance, or even painting the walls an unpopular color can make your home’s value tank. Clearly, no house is going to be perfect and have a magic value that continually increases regardless of anything you do in your home. If that were true, I wouldn’t even be writing this article right now. Continue reading

Most Profitable Kitchen Renovations for 2015

As far as home improvements go, one of the best renovations you can undertake will happen in your kitchen. Kitchen renovations large and small have a huge return on investment for the homeowner. Not only will these renos make you fall in love with your home all over again, but when it’s time to sell- you’ll be head over heels for your potential offers. Continue reading