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The Top 9 Most Profitable Outdoor Renovations of 2015

Do you ever feel like your home’s exterior…. needs some help? Well, to be honest- your neighbors probably do as well. I’m sure you have planned on eventually doing some renovations and upgrades, but the time just never seemed right. Well, newsflash: the time is NOW! Continue reading

The Must-Have Outdoor Swings for 2015

My childhood–like many others– is filled with memories of playing on swings. Why shouldn’t you be able to still enjoy a good swing? Swings are no longer just for the kids to enjoy, they’re fair game for grown-ups, too!

Do I have you convinced yet? Not only do outdoor swings add instant charm to your home, but they also create lasting memories for everyone.  Swing back in time with these nostalgic outdoor swings, and you’ll be instantly transformed back in time to days of lemonade, bare feet and carefree summer evenings.

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How to throw the ultimate Outdoor Party

How to Throw the Ultimate Backyard Bash

We’ve had quite the weather so far this year, but at least the rain is pouring out now before the big festive weekend, you know….fourth of July weekend! I’ve been to quite a few fourth of July parties in my day, and the best parties are the ones that have a great mix of people, noteworthy food and most importantly, a comfortable environment.

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The Best Destinations to Visit When Moving Across Country

It’s official, you’re making the big switch, and you’re moving out west! You’re trading in your office view of marble pillars and politicians in suits, for palm trees and techies in flip-flops. While you’ll certainly miss the one-of-a-kind charm of the east coast, you’ll be looking forward to what awaits you across the country.

Since moving can be strenuous on your emotions, especially on larger families, it’s often not even a consideration to take the 3000+ mile move to take it slow and enjoy the ride. There are truly amazing destinations to visit along the way and well, what better time to visit them, make memories, and have a little fun than during your cross country move?

To help you decide where to go, I’ve put together a list of a few of my favorite destinations to entice your traveler spirit. Let’s hit the road!

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Best Cities for Bike Lovers

Top 5 Cities in the U.S. that Cater to Bike Lovers

Given the technology-crazed social life that we live in today, it may come to your surprise, or it may not, that we, Americans are buying less cars. Companies like Uber are banking on the fact that ‘millennials’ and city-dwellers value convenience over the hassle of owning and being responsible for a car.

So what exactly does that mean?

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