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Zippy Shell Box Truck

How to Load a Moving Truck

Whether you choose to have our moving professionals pack up your belongings, or you choose to pack them into the shell yourself, it is important to know the best way to do it.


Start doing all your laundry ahead of time so that you do not have to wash your clothes on moving day before packing them up. Take the same measures with your fridge. Use or donate your leftover food and frozen items so that nothing will go bad before the move.


It is a good idea to keep your important papers like birth certificates and passports with you personally instead of packing them into the moving truck, in case of an emergency.

Heavy Objects

Just like when you are packing a box, load your heaviest items first and on the bottom. From there, you can load the smaller items on top.


Take exceptional care when loading your mattress. You sleep on it every night and you want to keep it in the best condition possible. Lay the mattress flat instead of standing it up or leaning it. This will prevent the cushion inside of it from being moved around. Also make sure to wrap your mattress in a mattress cover to prevent further damage.


Place your tables or desks in the moving truck their normal way of standing. You can then slide boxes and other items in underneath and on top of them.


Pack your dresser right into the truck, but make sure to wrap it in moving blankets. Fill your drawers up with your clothes to save space. This can be done with smaller nightstands and desk drawers too. Be sure to secure your drawers with straps so that they don’t go flying open when the truck turns.

Empty Space

Fill in open space with little items and boxes. Pack everything in tight so nothing moves around while the truck is in motion. Rolling up small rugs and carefully placing them in small openings is a great way to cushion your items.


Use blankets or towels to wrap up fragile items. This saves space, as well as the time and money it takes to use bubble wrap to wrap up your items.

The Best Tips for Moving From an Apartment into a House

Prepare for maintenance

At your apartment, the landlord would take care of the maintenance of the building. When you move to a new home make sure to buy shovels to remove snow, extra furnace filters, yard and gardening tools, and other items to help take care of them home.

Watch your energy and water usage

If your apartment charged you a flat rate for your utilities before, start paying attention to what lights you have on and how long you shower to reduce your bills.


You have a brand new empty home, so fill it with furniture! Plan ahead before you make any big furniture purchases to make sure you will still qualify to buy the home you have your heart set on.

Tool kit

Things are going to break.  Accept it and just be prepared. Make sure to have the basics like a screwdriver, hammer, and tape measure.


Pay attention to what appliances will be included with your new house. Apartments have all the appliances you need, but a new home may not! You’ll have to purchase these appliances yourself.


Decorate your new home! Start by painting the walls or adding wallpaper. Hang up your favorite pictures, posters, and anything else you like. You can even make your own DIY decorations.

Housewarming Party

When you finally get settled in your new home, throw a housewarming party! This is a huge milestone and you deserve to celebrate!


Best Tips For The Beach This Summer

Planning on going to the beach this summer? Try out these helpful tips to have the best time possible.

Protect Your Skin

Reapply sunscreen constantly. Nothing makes a trip worse than getting a sun burn. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen on your children as well.

Protect Your Eyes

The sun can do much more harm to your eyesight than you think. Get yourself a nice pair of sunglasses for some style, as well as safety.

Protect Your Phone

The last thing you want is to be enjoying the sand and the water when a huge wave comes in and wrecks your whole setup of your things. Keep your phone in a sealed Ziploc bag to protect it from any sand or water.

Stay Hydrated

It is easy to lose a lot of water when you are out in the sun all day. Be prepared and bring lots of water with you.

Cool Down

Put aloe into an ice tray to make aloe ice cubes. Use them on your burns when you get back from the beach that day to sooth your skin. Even if you don’t get burned, it is still good for your skin and feels nice too.

Floating Keys

If you’re going out on a boat, consider attaching a cork to your keys so that they’ll float.

Provide Shade

If you burn easily, or just don’t want to be in the sun for the full day on the beach, make sure you bring a beach umbrella or a big floppy hat works too.

Hair Ties

If you have long hair, stock up on hair ties. They help get your hair off your back and neck which will keep you cool. They also prevent your hair from blowing all over your face in the wind.

Shampoo & Conditioner

If you’re just making a beach trip for the day and your beach has showers to wash the sand off at the dunes, bring shampoo and conditioner to make your ride home cleaner. Even if you are going for more than a day, pack extra shampoo and conditioner to get all the sand out of your hair.


The Best Closet Organizing Tips


The easiest way to make more room in your closet is to first, get rid of everything you don’t wear.  Use some of these tips to figure out what you really need.

Use empty wall space

Instead of hanging up your scarves, belts and any other accessories on hangers, hang up towel rods and string your items across the rod.

Shoe Organizer

Use a shoe organizer to hang shoes on the back of your door. Also, consider getting a boot organizer if you have a lot of boots, to get them off the floor and stacked on top of each other to minimize space.

Quality Hangers

Get rid of your old plastic hangers and buy nice wooden or padded hangers. Your clothes deserve the best and will be less likely to rip on better hangers.

Seasonal Organization

Organize your clothing items by the season you wear them in.  Move clothes for the off season to the back of your closet and rotate clothes for the current season to the front.


Store your most used items at eye-level for easy access. Store items you don’t use as often up on shelves.

Color Code

Color coding your items makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

Portable Drawers

Add portable drawers underneath your closet rod where all your clothes hang to increase space to store items.

Hat rack

Hang a hat rack over the front of your closet door so your hats are on display. You will have easy access to it and it won’t take up any space in your closet.

7 Easy Patriotic July 4th Recipes

Firecracker Strawberries

Dip the strawberries halfway into marshmallow fluff, then dip the tip into blue sprinkles.

American Flag S’mores

Lay out chocolate bar pieces across the bottom of an oven pan. Dip marshmallows into water prior to covering them in red, white, or blue sprinkles, so that the sprinkles stick. Place each colored marshmallow into the pan, blue in the top left corner, then alternating red and white stripes for the remaining space.

Strawberry Cheesecake Boats

Cut your strawberries in half and hollow out the middle. Mix one (8-ounce) package of cream cheese with ½ cup of sugar with a beater in a bowl. Fill the strawberries with the cream cheese mixture. Place three blueberries onto the cream cheese to top it.

Chips and Dip

Buy your dip of choice or make your own homemade dip. Then add a mix of purple, red, and white tortilla chips to go along with it. Feel free to add red bell peppers for an extra pop of color.

Fruit Skewers

Use your choice of colored fruits to make red, white, and blue skewers. Blueberries, blackberries, grapes, strawberries, watermelon, and bananas are all good options for different colors.

July Caprese

Mix blueberries, mozzarella, basil and tomatoes in a bowl. Add a balsamic drizzle on top. A similar substitution is using blueberries, feta, mint leaves, and strawberries.

4th of July Chex Mix

Mix chex cereal with red and blue m&m’s and/or dried cranberries and dried blueberries in a bowl. Put white chocolate chips in a microwave save bowl, and heat them until melted. Drizzle the melted chocolate onto the mix.