Tips For Hosting an Open House during the Holidays.

The holidays are a great season for many reasons, but selling your home isn’t one of them. It’s a hard time to get the offer of your dreams, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Your open house is going to play a huge role in making that sale happen. During all the holiday happenings it’s hard to find time to get your home ready to show, but you need to make sure you are up to the challenge!

We’ve done the research and dug up some of the best tips for having an open house during the holidays. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to toast the New Year with a brand new contract under your belt.

Spread the word

Everyone has a lot going on during the holidays. Visiting family, holiday parties, and gift shopping can really fill up people’s schedules. If you want your open house to make it onto buyer’s schedules, you need to start getting the word out early. Make sure you are working with your realtor to start advertising for your open house as soon as possible. You can also capitalize on local holiday events in your area that you know are going to attract a lot of visitors. Pass out fliers and make sure to talk to everyone about your open house, you’d be surprised how quick word of mouth can draw a crowd. Make sure to talk to your friends and neighbors about the open house as well. They might have visiting family staying with them that are actually looking to relocate closer to the area. They might end up being a direct link to your future buyer.

Timing is Everything

Everyone has busy schedules during the holidays so you want to schedule your open house at times that are more convenient for buyers during this time. Saturday and Sunday mornings are great options and in some cases maybe even on weekday evenings. You might have to do something a little nontraditional to get people through the door during this time of year. Talk to your realtor about what they think the best options are. Together, you will be able to come up with the best solution for you!

First Impressions are everything

It’s hard to keep your curb appeal interesting during the winter months, but it isn’t impossible. Make sure to trim away any dead branches or overgrown bushes. Wash away any visible dirt and debris off of your home. Make sure walkways, stairs, and driveways are cleared of snow and ice. You don’t want a potential buyer to take a tumble. Clear away icicles and make sure you won’t have any snow topple off the roof onto potential buyers. Make sure your walkways, stairs, and entryway are well lit so potential buyers won’t miss a step and your home will look very inviting in the dark.



If you normally deck out your home for the holidays, this might not be the year to go all out. You can still decorate, but you don’t want your decorations to distract potential buyers from your home’s features. They might spend an hour inside your home, but if all they remember seeing is your decorations- they are never going to put in an offer. Make sure not to store presents under the tree, you don’t want to tempt anyone with sticky fingers or curious kids.


Warm & Cozy

You want to make sure that potential buyers are going to want to spend time in your home. This means it’s a good idea to keep the thermostat up so the house is nice and warm, even if you normally like to keep it cold. If your guests are cold, they aren’t going to want to stay. You can serve up some festive Christmas cookies and hot chocolate and cider for guests.

So get out there and sell your house!

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