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Top Summer Supplies Storage Tips

Summer is coming to an end and families are readjusting to their school year schedules. Sadly, that means it’s time to pack away all the summer fun until next year. Fall, winter, and spring are longer than you think, so how do you keep your summer stuff safe until next year?

1) Store your items with Zippy Shell:

Zippy Shell will safely store your stuff until you need it back next year. Our secure storage facilities are climate controlled so you don’t have to worry about your summer items being damaged by the elements. Planning a few mid-winter vacations and need your stuff closer to home? Zippy Shell offers onsite storage solutions that give you 24/7 access to your stuff. You’ll be able to hit the beach in January and get your stuff back in storage as soon as you are home. Zippy Shell onsite containers are watertight so you don’t have to worry about your stuff being damaged by winter snow or heavy spring rain. Visit today to get started!

2) Clean Everything out before you Store it:

Making sure all your summer supplies is washed well and in good condition before storage will help prevent damage. Storing items still covered in ocean salt or sand might get pretty funky after being packed away for 9 months! Something that might be in good condition going into storage, might end up coming out of storage in bad condition if it’s not well cleaned first! Don’t forget that all items should be completely dried out before getting packed away- putting moisture into storage is setting yourself up for disaster!

3) Clear out all the clutter before you store:

Don’t store anything that you aren’t going to use next year. If you know your kids are going to grow out of their bathing suits by next year- donate them. If they aren’t going to fit in their toddler floaties or pool toys next year- it’s time to get rid of them! Otherwise, you are just storing stuff that has no value for you. This is also the perfect time to go through all the supplies you have collected and get rid of anything that is broken or in pretty bad shape. Take the time to put a list together of what you will need to replace before next summer, so you don’t end up missing something when you need it next year. PROTIP: now that you know exactly what you need for next summer- try purchasing it in the offseason to save some money before prices rise in the spring!

4) Wrap up Patio Furniture to Keep it Protected

Wrap up your patio furniture in dust covers or furniture covers to protect it while it’s in storage. This added layer of protection will keep your stuff as good as new all throughout the offseason. Once the warm weather returns, you can unpack your furniture and start enjoying your outdoor space like no time has even passed.

5) Store your BBQ Safely

Whether you are leaving your bbq out all season or putting it into storage, you need to make sure you unplug the gas tank from the grill. Make sure to clean out the grill fully. Scrub the grates and get the grill as clean as you can before storing it. Not cleaning the grill before storage will cause some pretty nasty bacteria to start growing on the grill until next summer. Probably not what you want to discover right before barbecue season begins! This sort of yearly annual maintenance will also lengthen the lifespan of your grill, so why would you not do it?

6) Store your items in plastic:

Storing your items in plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes will actually help to keep them safe during the off season. The plastic bins are stronger and are less likely to be damaged in storage.
You can use plastic space saving bags to help store beach towels, clothes, and bathing suits. Simply pack up the bags and then vacuum out the air. You’ll be surprised how much space these bags will end up saving you.

Now is the time to get packing! Fall will be here before you know it!

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