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Why Storing your Stuff will Help Sell your Home

Clutter is one of the worst things to have in a home that you are trying to sell. Zippy Shell can help safely store your stuff until your home is sold. We’ll deliver a storage container directly to your door, then store it in our climate controlled facility. Once you are ready to move into your new home, we’ll deliver it back to you at your new address.

Not sure if storing away your clutter is worth it? Check out these benefits of storage below!

Make your home seem Larger:
Getting rid of all the extra stuff in your home will free up space and make each room feel larger. If you aren’t sure if it will make a difference, try moving a large piece of furniture out of one room and you’ll be able to notice the difference. Give buyers the space to explore your home.

Let Them Paint the Picture:
Having too many personal items on display in your home might serve as a distraction to buyers. You want buyers to be able to picture themselves living in your home. Too many reminders that they are just visitors might hinder their ability to see themselves moving in one day. Storing those items away will allow buyers to see the home as a house, not just your home.

Home Maintenance Matters:
A cluttered home might make some buyers wonder how well maintained the house is. The less clutter the cleaner and more organized the space will look. A house that looks well-maintained doesn’t leave buyers wondering whether there are other hidden issues within the home. You look like a homeowner who took care of their property.

Organized Storage:
Clean out the clutter in your closets, cabinets, and other storage locations in your home. The more organized your storage spaces are, the more buyers will think that this home has excellent storage space. They will be able to move in and give all their stuff a place to go.

Don’t hide your home’s selling points:
Having too much stuff in your home could be hiding your home’s major selling points. For instance, large furniture might be hiding away a wood-burning fireplace or blocking out light from large windows. The fewer items you have, the more space to show off those features that made you fall in love with your home.

Selling your home is tough, but Zippy Shell is here to help! Visit today to get started!

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