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Zippy Shell Launches Game-Changing Service Offering with Addition of Onsite Storage Solution

Breakthrough Moving and Storage Brand Zippy Shell Builds Upon Its Rapidly Growing Business

Zippy Shell continues to strengthen its position as a groundbreaking moving and storage brand, with its new offering of onsite, portable storage solutions to customers in key markets across the country – and franchisees are already reaping the benefits of this exciting new development. Through their ability to introduce a new service, Zippy Shell’s franchisees add another revenue stream to offer new and existing customers, increasing their revenue.

Renowned as the most prominent and disruptive force in the moving and storage industries, Zippy Shell is providing customers access to portable containers, which they can rent and load themselves. Designed to fit into the places that other portable storage solutions can’t, Zippy Shell’s onsite containers are ideal for construction contractors storing materials at a build site, customers who are renovating their homes and want to keep their personal belongings safe and nearby during the process, parks or outdoor venues seeking easy access to their seasonal supplies and more.

“As soon as I introduced the onsite containers to my Salt Lake City Zippy Shell, I had almost 20 units rented in the first week – this has been a game-changer for my business,” said Marcus Flinders, owner of Zippy Shell of Salt Lake City. “I strongly encourage other franchisees to take advantage of the opportunity to further set ourselves apart from the competition. This is big!”

Zippy Shell offers entrepreneurs interested in investing in the franchise a comprehensive suite of support services ranging from initial and ongoing training to sales and marketing programs. Franchise candidates who are interested in opening multiple units also have the opportunity to invest a significant amount of capital at the onset in order to see the business develop into an empire over time.

For information Zippy Shell’s onsite storage solutions, visit www.zippyshell.com. For more information on franchising opportunities, visit www.zippyshell.com/franchise.

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