Zippy Shell Student Moving in Tampa FL

Zippy Shell Makes First OCM Deliveries in Tampa, Florida!

The Zippy Shell team is on campus at The University of Tampa today to make the first deliveries of student’s goods. They are delivering 5 containers packed full of everything that the student’s need for a successful move in.

These are the first deliveries in a pilot delivery program this summer with OCM and Zippy Shell. OCM is a one-stop-shop for all the important supplies that college students need during the year.

Two other Zippy Shell Franchise Locations will be working with OCM in the pilot program, Zippy Shell of Bay Area and Zippy Shell of Greater Columbus. We can’t wait to share more updates as the program continues!

Check out these behind the scenes images of Mark Kuhns, Gareth Taylor, Steve Matejka from OCM and the Zippy Shell of Tampa Bay team making the deliveries today!
Zippy Shell and OCM teams help unload the Zippy Shells!

The Zippy Shell team moving students in at the University of Tampa
The Zippy Shell team unloading Zippy Shells at the University of Tampa!

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