Zippy Shell Relocation's Eric Delgado interviews David Oltman, Chief Compliance Officer at Ineo Global Mobility

Zippy Shell Relocation Interviews David Oltman!

Recently, Zippy Shell Executive Vice President, Eric Delgado interviewed David Oltman on a special live edition of Inroads to Relo! David is the Chief Compliance Officer at Ineo Global Mobility. During the interview, David shared his expertise of the impact the brand new tax bill could have on the mobility industry.

The interview was broadcast live on Zippy Shell’s Facebook and youtube channels to hundreds of viewers. After the interview, users sent in their questions to have them answered live on air! David shared a lot of important insight into how the industry will develop because of the bill.

Stay tuned for our next episode of Inroads to Relo featuring this special interview. In the meantime, you can check out our previous episodes of Inroads to Relo here.

Thank you so much to David Oltman for taking the time to share your expertise about the mobility industry.

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