Marcus Flinders, Owner of Zippy Shell of Utah

Zippy Shell Signs Multi-State Agreement to Enter New Markets

Existing Franchise Owner and Investor Partners to Bring Cost Effective and Cutting Edge Moving and Storage Concept to Four States

Zippy Shell, the fastest growing national franchise business in both the moving and storage industries, announced today it has signed an agreement with existing franchisee Marcus Flinders for the Boston, Miami, Indianapolis, and Detroit markets.

Flinders, owner of Zippy Shell Salt Lake City and president of ZDHF Holdings LLC, will manage the launch of each market alongside local market teams. The first location to launch will be Boston in March 2018. The Miami, Indianapolis, and Detroit markets will open with a launch every six months after Boston.

Since its opening in March 2016, Zippy Shell Salt Lake City has experienced substantial growth, with 130 percent month-over-month growth since March 2017. Flinders has also grown the container count at a record-setting pace. Flinders plans to replicate this momentum in Boston, Miami, Indianapolis, and Detroit.

“The moving and storage industries are rapidly evolving and Zippy Shell is leading the way,” said Flinders. “With the brand’s technology systems and corporate support team, we will be able to help people across the nation with their moving and storage needs. I am looking forward to this next phase of leading the charge to bring Zippy Shell to multiple diverse markets.”

Zippy Shell provides a simple solution for moving and storage services in markets across the nation. Efficiencies are achieved on several levels, including Zippy Shell’s open-air, lightweight containers that are uniquely designed to be shipped inside a traditional dry van or freight truck and then can be collapsed and easily shipped back. Further, customer convenience and security are prioritized through Zippy Shell storage services in nearby facilities until ready for transportation or unloading at your final destination.

“Marcus has done a tremendous job in Salt Lake City growing the business rapidly while developing the brand as a leader in the moving and storage markets,” said Rick Del Sontro, president of Zippy Shell. “This is a significant opportunity to bring Zippy Shell to four major cities and I know Marcus and his partners are up to the task. I have no doubt that they will continue to prove Zippy Shell to be a disruptor in these key markets. We can’t wait for the Boston launch to kick off the excitement.”

Franchisees benefit from Zippy Shell’s competitive advantages. The model requires less capital and fewer equipment costs, which is just one of the ways it differentiates it from all other moving and storage companies. In turn, Zippy Shell is able to pass savings on to its consumer and business customers. Moreover, the Zippy Shell loading and delivery system is much more mobile and can access more locations than traditional services, and drivers do not need special training.

Offering entrepreneurs interested in investing in the franchise a full suite of support services ranging from initial and ongoing training to sales and marketing programs, Zippy Shell also provides a central call center that works to connect local offices with customers in their areas. Ideal franchise candidates are those who can consider the semi-absentee business model, are interested in opening multiple units and can invest a significant amount of capital at the onset in order to see the business develop into an empire over time. Franchise partners could be individuals, small teams and/or multi-unit owners of franchises.

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