Zippy ShellWe love the summer season—not only is it the busiest moving season of the year—it is the perfect time for outdoor gatherings, vacations, theme parks, and making memories with your loved ones. Unfortunately, one slight downside to the summer season is the massive power bills that come with running the air conditioning.

Zippy ShellAt Zippy Shell, we understand just how stressful a move can be whether you are moving cross-country or just relocating one town away. Even thinking about the enormity of a move can bring on stress. Here are some stress-reduction tips you can use to help make things easier.

Zippy ShellBuying a home can be a challenging experience. If you are in the process of purchasing a house or property for the first time, you are likely feeling a little overwhelmed. Here we will help you prepare for the process and get all the info you need!

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