Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Summer

Zippy Shell

The summer season is a great time to complete home improvement projects that can boost your home’s curb appeal. If you plan to sell your home this year, curb appeal is vital for gaining the interest of potential buyers. Most interested parties will do a quick drive-by before scheduling an in-home visit, so it is a good idea to look around the exterior of your home and look for any issues someone may spot from the street. Of course, some big projects—like painting the house's exterior—would set your home apart from other listings, but those projects may be too expensive to fit into your budget. However, there are some less pricey and time-consuming things you can do to update and boost your curb appeal. Take a look at some of our favorite ideas!

Update Your Front Door

If you are not under specific HOA rules, you could paint your door a new color. A freshly painted door will be pleasing to the eye and be visible from the street. We love a unique entrance, but it should also be a color that the new homeowner will appreciate. If you are unsure which color to choose, check out some inspiration on HGTV’s website. If your door does not need fresh paint, you could change the hardware for a quick and easy update.

Beautify Your Yard

Now is a great time to complete those yard projects you may have been putting off. Even though the new homeowner may change the landscaping, a beautiful and inviting yard will be a huge selling point. Here are a few things you should do in your yard before listing your home:

  • Mow the grass (and keep it mowed).
  • Remove all weeds.
  • Clean up any leaves, branches, and other debris.
  • Trim and prune bushes, hedges, and other unruly plants.
  • Cut down any low-hanging branches or branches that are touching the home.
  • Remove any old mulch and lay down new mulch or pine straw around the trees and flowerbeds.
  • Use an edger around the road, driveway, and walkways.
  • Add some potted flowers around the front porch and walkways.

Clean The Exterior of The Home

If you are not painting the exterior of your home, pressure washing the siding is the next best thing. You can hire a licensed and insured company to come and clean the siding or rent a machine from your local hardware store to pressure wash the home yourself. You can find videos online detailing how to operate the pressure washer safely. Be sure to pressure wash your driveway and walkways as well. You will be amazed at the difference when you are finished.

Add Seating

When potential homebuyers are viewing a home, they envision how they will possibly spend their time there. Creating warm and welcoming spaces will help them see a place they can make memories of their own. If you have an area on your front porch or front yard, you could consider adding some seating. Seating areas also extend the living areas to the outdoors—a big draw for homebuyers. Be sure to specify if you are including the outdoor furniture in the home sale.

Clean or Upgrade the Mailbox

If your mailbox is dirty or looking rundown, it can be an easy and efficient way to boost your curb appeal by simply cleaning it or replacing it. You can also install new and clean house numbers on the mailbox. If you are considering replacing your mailbox, be sure to check if there are any HOA restrictions. Some homeowner associations will not allow you to choose a mailbox that does not match the rest of the neighborhood.

Update and Add Lighting

You can change your porch and exterior lighting fixtures for a quick boost to your curb appeal. These changes can sometimes be more expensive, especially if you cannot do this for yourself, but they can appeal to a potential homebuyer. If you do not need to change your exterior lighting, you can add solar light fixtures around the walkway for a robust and inexpensive improvement.

Zippy Shell Can Help with Your Move

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